If you are supporting an adult with bipolar disorder, discover…

"How to Avoid ‘The Bipolar Doomsday Scenario’ ...
When a Loved One Taking Medication, Following Doctor’s Orders, Goes from Stable to Unstable in as little as 7 Days"

Discover this amazing but shocking true story of what happened to me not just once – BUT TWICE!

Dear Friend,

It was amazing. My mom had been doing so well for almost two years . . . and then it happened. She went from totally stable to completely unstable – in just 7 days.

I am about to tell you what I believe is the greatest danger when supporting someone with bipolar disorder. I call it . . .

The Bipolar Doomsday Scenario

You might think that I am exaggerating this, but the more I think about it, the more I believe this scenario is the worst possible thing that can happen to someone supporting a loved one with bipolar disorder.

Let me tell you about how The Doomsday Scenario happened to me the FIRST time.

It Happened So Fast . . .

I’m still stunned at just how quickly she changed.

It was around 11:00 p.m. one night right before Thanksgiving, and I had just finished making myself my sixth meal of the day. (I eat six small meals each day to help maintain 7% to 9% body fat.)

I was just about to take a bite when my mom jumped up out of bed. It was about 11:02 p.m., and she’d been sleeping for about an hour. During the day she had been completely fine and stable, but when she woke up, it was a completely different story.

She started screaming and yelling about not being able to sleep because there was too much noise. She insisted that no one was allowed to be upstairs, or else it would wake her up, even if they weren’t talking. Even though my dad and I had been downstairs the whole time, she was still infuriated with us. She threatened that she would “go manic” if the house was not completely quiet.

Of course, my dad and I were terrified of her “going manic” during the holidays, so we decided to tread lightly and try to avoid an incident. We continued to stay downstairs, we spoke very softly, and we moved around as little as possible. We even tried to avoid turning on the water or using the bathroom.

Being in a house like that was like being in a prison. I thought about going to a friend’s or to a hotel. But then I thought to myself, “Why in the world can’t we talk downstairs?” But before I could even finish this debate in my head, my mom came downstairs and demanded that she talk to her doctor.

We didn’t know what to make of this, so we just looked at each other. And because we didn’t say anything right away, she started screaming at us. “You don’t even care about me!” she yelled. “Do you want me to go manic? When it’s time to talk to the doctor, it’s time!”

The Situation Kept Getting Worse and Worse and Worse

She went back upstairs. “Oh jeez,” I thought to myself. “Here we go again.” (We had just gotten hammered, and I mean really hammered, by my mom just the week before.)

Soon she came back down and started screaming and hollering again, this time saying that she couldn’t figure out how to contact the doctor because there was no emergency number and she had to “push buttons to call her.”

I almost started to laugh at this statement, even though the situation was serious. Sometimes all you can do is laugh; otherwise it feels as if you might go insane. So I asked what she meant by “pushing buttons,” and she screamed at me that I didn’t understand her and that I was trying to be difficult and that she was going to do it herself.

So she called the doctor and started pacing back and forth. I didn’t even understand what she was doing. My dad made the mistake of trying to talk to her at this point. (You can’t tell my mom anything when she’s like this. I know because I’ve made the mistake of trying to say things to her when she’s been like that in the past, and I’ve always regretted it afterward.)

My dad suggested, “Maybe the doctor isn’t around because it’s the holidays.”

My mom screamed and yelled at him like I have never, ever heard.

Finally I intervened. “Mom, give me the phone,” I said.

I called her doctor’s number, listened to a greeting, and then at the end heard, “If you have an emergency, you can page me at . . . .” The numbers was said so fast that I had to call back three times before I finally got it all. But I got it. So we paged the doctor, and my dad left a message.

By this point it was around 12:30 a.m., and both my dad and I were super tired because we were still recovering from one of my mom’s screaming episodes from a few days prior. But my mom demanded that we wait until the doctor called back before going back to bed.

She then proceeded to run up and down the stairs over and over, screaming and yelling about being manic and how it was all our fault. She informed us that we were the real cause of her episodes because we created such a stressful environment for her and didn’t do anything to help her.

It Hit Me Like a Ton of Bricks

It didn’t make any sense to me. I couldn’t fathom how my mom had gone from being stable to unstable so fast. She had been fine for almost two years . . . and then all the sudden she was in a manic episode.

How did she get unstable so quickly?

What the heck was going on?

It Was Amazing . . .
Everything I Had Set Up Started Failing!

It was truly amazing – and awful – because all the systems I had set up started to fail. Everywhere I turned, the system I had so carefully created to help maintain stability and ensure the best care possible for my mom started to break down.

I felt just inches away from absolute mayhem. It was almost as if “it” was coming to get me and our family . . . the bipolar disorder was coming to tear us apart.

It’s a Formidable Enemy

I think of bipolar disorder as my enemy. (That doesn’t mean that my mom is my enemy. She is not the disorder; she simply has bipolar disorder.)

Bipolar disorder is a cunning enemy that, left unchecked and untreated, can destroy all people in its path. Before this most recent episode struck, I thought for sure that I had it beat, contained, and put into its proper place.

But all of a sudden, it came back with a vengeance, systematically getting around all my defense systems. How had it happened?

I Was Really Worried

I didn’t know what to do. I was confused as to why this was happening. Finally I decided to do something about it. I got out a yellow tablet to start brainstorming solutions, and I used the system I’d learned for solving complex, emergency problems.

But at the same time, the effects of bipolar disorder were sweeping through the house, and I could barely concentrate. It was like living in a war zone. And the entire time, I just wondered, “Why?”

After days of using my system for solving complex problems, I began to piece together what I THOUGHT the problem was – but I wasn’t even 100% sure.

I called my dad and told him what I thought the problem was. At this point my dad’s blood pressure was through the roof and his sugar levels were high. I always worry that he could have a stroke, so I check in with him regularly and make sure that he doesn’t get too involved with the down and dirty details of dealing with bipolar disorder.

Anyway, I told him what I thought was causing this most recent episode. At first he thought that what I was telling him was simply too unbelievable. “No way,” he said. But I told him I was pretty sure this was the problem and that I was going to proceed accordingly. He agreed and said okay.

I Started Investigating and Checking Around

Slowly but surely I began to see more clearly why my mom had gone so quickly from being stable to unstable. I was shocked. Angry. Annoyed.

But I had to take action FAST . . . before it attacked others. Already, in previous episodes, my mom had completely alienated my brother, his wife, my brother’s kids, and other people in the family. The bipolar disorder had other friends and family clearly in its sites . . . I had to strike it before it struck them.

Things Got Better

It took about a week of nonstop work to get everything under control. Finally, in about two weeks’ time, my mom became stable again.

We cruised along for another year and then some really good news…

My Mom’s Doctor Said She Was Totally Stable and
Didn’t Need to Come Back for Two Months!

On top of that, her therapist said she was doing great. Things were looking good. I even wrote a few emails and blog posts telling people how great my mom was doing.

Then the Unthinkable Happened . . .

My mom started looking different; she stopped taking care of basic personal hygiene like combing her hair. She looked really bad.

She was also angry. Mad. Screaming. Not working at her job. Making tons of phone calls. Lying about my dad and me . . . calling family members and saying that my dad abused her and that I wouldn’t let her go to church.

She was a wreck.

And it all happened IN ONLY 7 DAYS.

I called my mom’s doctor, but I couldn’t speak to her or to her therapist. My mom had UNDONE all the releases that had allowed me to speak to them.

I couldn’t believe it. It had happened again.

I scrambled. I remember saying to myself at one point, “I never want this to happen to us again – or to anyone else for that matter. I have to do something.”

Here's What I Did...

Like any good investigator would do, I started reconstructing what had happened. I figured out why it had happened . . . and most importantly, I figured out what to do if it ever happens again.

And that’s why I’m writing.

I don’t want to sound like I’m bragging, but if I’m the one who literally wrote the course on how to support a loved one with bipolar disorder … and I can go through this, well, I can practically guarantee that it’s going to happen to you.

Except that you don’t know what I discovered … and how I rescued my mom and our family from the Bipolar Doomsday Scenario.

At least, not yet.

Let Me Tell You What I Learned … and
How to Save Your Loved One

It’s all captured in a new course I developed called, “Avoiding Bipolar Doomsday Scenario.”

In this incredible course, you’ll get a total of 4 CDs jam-packed with tons of information – information I learned the hard way.

You’ll learn . . .

  • What the Doomsday Scenario is … why it has a greater potential and power to destroy your family than a mere bipolar episode does
  • How the Doomsday Scenario can quickly cause consequences like alienation from friends and relatives, divorce, homelessness and suicide
  • The bipolar episode “allowance” … and how it can trick into thinking your loved one is immune to more episodes
  • Why bipolar episodes are practically guaranteed to come at the worst possible time for your family
  • The common and logical mistake doctors and therapists make when trying to explain why the Doomsday Scenario occurs … and what you need to show them to help them accurately diagnose the cause
  • Why bipolar episodes are practically guaranteed to come at the worst possible time for your family
  • The Bipolar Stability Equation … and following this formula can prevent the Doomsday Scenario
  • The simple explanation for why the effects of Doomsday Scenarios get progressively worse
  • Has your loved one already undone the medical releases you have on file with doctors and therapists? No worries – here’s the completely legal way to get around that issue
  • Why being a multi-tasker, get-it-done type of person can actually bring on the Doomsday Scenario
  • The critical thing that most people drastically underestimate when dealing with loved ones who have bipolar disorder … and how this can be your downfall
  • Why following a proven system for supporting someone with bipolar disorder isn’t enough … and what usually happens when you’re not paying attention
  • Why you can’t blindly trust everything your loved one’s doctor and therapist tell you … and the once voice you should trust above all
  • The hardball tactic you can use when you need to talk to your loved one’s doctor in an emergency … and their receptionist won’t let you
  • The thing that doctors, therapists and pharmaceutical companies should be doing, but aren’t … and how their lapse could be endangering your loved one’s health and life
  • What to tell doctors and therapists to ensure they are getting a crystal-clear picture about what exactly is going on with your loved one
  • How to guarantee that your loved one’s medical team can talk to you any time you call (hint: this strategy may not win you friends, but it will get you respect and cooperation)
  • What your loved one’s doctor needs to send to you to ensure that you can spot signs of trouble early on
  • What thing you need to give to your loved one’s doctor … even if they don’t ask or don’t seem to want it (hint: this one thing can make the difference between finding a treatment plan that works quickly … and pounding your head against a wall for months)
  • Why you can’t rely on doctors and therapists to spot the warning signs that your loved one is heading into an episode … and what you must do instead to fend off the Doomsday Scenario
  • One of the most common triggers of the Doomsday Scenario … and how to spot the flawed thinking that will cause your loved one’s bipolar disorder to spiral out of control
  • The cost-cutting medical measure that most people use that can cause the Doomsday Scenario
  • The truth about how manipulative people can get as a result of having bipolar disorder – you need to understand this fully to protect your loved one from the Doomsday Scenario
  • What to say to a doctor or therapist to ensure that they return your calls and listen to you … even if HIPPA laws prevent them from talking to you
  • The red flags that signal an oncoming episode … and why you will be tempted to ignore them
  • The thing your loved one will resist … and why you must absolutely insist that this happen – no matter what
  • What you need to do after a bipolar episode (hint: it’s the one thing most people want to do the least)
  • What politicians, the military and historians can teach you about dealing with bipolar disorder
  • The Bipolar Stability Equation … and how understanding this formula will dramatically improve the chances of avoid the Bipolar Doomsday Scenario
  • The main components of the Bipolar Stability Equation … and how to formulate your own equation
  • How changes to the Bipolar Stability Equation affect the severity and frequency of bipolar episodes
  • The common flaw in supporters’ thinking and beliefs that makes you vulnerable to the Doomsday Scenario
  • What you need to do to avoid having your loved one be dependent on you for the rest of your life
  • 3 of the top ways people with bipolar disorder manipulate their supporters when they are headed into an episode – be on the lookout for these red flags!
  • Is your loved one refusing to let you talk to the doctor? Here are 3 ways to legally and ethically get around the law … without betraying your loved one
  • How you can cut the length of your loved one’s bipolar episodes from months to a few days
  • How to spot flaws in your system that make your loved one susceptible to the Doomsday Scenario … and one of the best ways to work with your loved one’s doctor to close loopholes
  • What you can say – word for word – when your loved one refuses to take responsibility for their actions
  • The exercise you should make your loved one do the next time an episode strikes – it’s an eye-opener!
  • Why you have to be skeptical of everything your loved one says about their treatment and progress (believe or not, this attitude will help your loved one in the long run)
  • Why taking medication is not enough to prevent bipolar episodes … no matter what your doctor tells you
  • Why people with bipolar disorder find it nearly impossible to resist lying, exaggerating, stretching the truth and manipulating others … and the first thing you should do to address the situation
  • What to do when you suspect your loved one is lying … and the right way to go about it
  • One of the most destructive things your loved one can do in the grips of a bipolar episode … and how to protect your family from the devastating effects
  • How bipolar disorder destroys caregivers and supporters … and what you need to do today to protect yourself and build credibility with your loved one’s medical team
  • How to avoid The Doomsday Scenario – and what to do if it does strike.
  • The truth about various laws and how doctors don’t follow them – and don’t even have to.
  • The magic form I had to get signed to be able to sit down and talk to my mom’s doctor.
  • Why my mom was stable for 2 months and then in ANOTHER episode for 6 weeks. You’ll be shocked when you learn the reason.
  • The 3 mistakes her doctor made that I believe were detrimental to the family.
  • The #1 deadly mistake my father and I made. This mistake is so dumb, you’re going to be amazed when you read about it. I am embarrassed to even say it, but I know others are making it as well.
  • What I discovered caused my mom’s last episode.
  • A little mistake you can make with any doctor or therapist that puts your whole family at risk.
  • The #1 thing you need to ask your doctor AND your therapist during the holiday season.
  • How to get someone to the hospital when they don’t want to go but they absolutely, positively need to (this is almost 20 pages of information you can’t find anywhere else).
  • The shocking reason my mom’s therapist couldn’t help when my mom was at her worst.
  • How my mom actually turned the doctor against my dad and myself.
  • The 4 sheets of paper that turned the doctor around when she thought we were the cause of my mom’s problem.
  • The magic phrase my dad used in the first 5 minutes that set the doctor straight.
  • The #1 way that people with bipolar disorder can ruin their lives during an episode.
  • How a person who is going along fine can all of a sudden get off-track.
  • The amazing reason why all the waivers I had signed and notarized were deemed invalid, so therefore my mom’s doctor could not talk to me.
  • A new legal form that is “bullet-proof,” so you’ll always be able to speak to a loved one’s doctor.
  • Why the entire system that I had previously set up almost broke down – except for one last safeguard I put in place.
  • How money was lost in this episode, even though all the safeguards I had set up did NOT fail . . . and how to avoid the same thing happening to you. This is truly amazing.
  • The shocking concept that my mom's doctor didn't even know
  • How to know if a person with bipolar disorder will go into an episode
  • Exactly how a person taking medication and following doctors orders can go into a major episode FAST.
  • The #1 reason that people with bipolar disorder wind up having problems year after year.
  • Any amazing concept that I discovered that leads to someone staying stable for many years at a time
  • A complete overview of the doomsday situations I experienced, exactly what you can learn
  • Simple ways to prevent the dooms day scenario from happening to you and your family
  • When you have to ignore what the doctor says
  • 3 deadly mistakes people make when supporting an adult with bipolar disorder
  • A proven formula for someone with bipolar disorder maintaining stability that no book, doctor, magazine or support group will tell you
  • What a person with bipolar disorder should NEVER ever do while taking medication. If they do this one simple thing, they will almost always go into an episode even while taking medication
  • One powerful reason that you should lie about one specific thing when you are supporting someone with bipolar disorder. If you don't do this, you'll be doomed.
  • Why some people never go into major bipolar disorder episodes
  • Have a loved one that is sneaky or hard to deal with? Discover an iron clad system to deal with the most difficult people with bipolar disorder
  • Your amazingly simple guide to the most powerful strategy I have ever discovered for keeping someone with bipolar disorder stable


  • Discover the shocking reason that if your loved one is stable for more than a year, you are most at risk for the Bipolar Doomsday Scenario
  • The secret of being able to talk to a doctor when NO releases are signed and your loved one forbids you. This is totally legal, ethical and moral. BUT it is a loop hole I discovered!

The great thing with this is it comes with a CD of Microsoft Word documents that you can use for yourself. So you’ll get 5 CDs in total!

Plus, Get All of the Authorization Forms, Checklists and
Worksheets I Used to Save Our Family

Rescuing my family from the Bipolar Doomsday Scenario took two weeks of solid work. My mom had changed all of the releases that gave me permission to talk to her doctor and therapist. She complete manipulated my system. I’ve pulled all of the documents I used to regain control of the problem and to close the loopholes in my system together on a CD for you.

You’ll get all of the forms, letters, checklists and worksheets I used as Microsoft Word templates.

When the time comes that you need these documents (and trust me, your time WILL come), pull them up on your computer. Customize them for your situation. Print them out and use them as your own to:

  • Continue communicating with your loved one’s doctor and therapist … even if your loved one hates the idea
  • Prevent your loved one from revoke your access to the doctor and therapist
  • Guarantee that you are kept up-to-date if your loved one makes any changes to information releases
  • Ensure that doctors and therapists keep you informed about changes to your loved one’s treatment plan and medications
  • Get a written commitment from your loved one’s doctor and therapist to following the treatment plan that’s been prescribed
  • Easily keep track of the supporters who have agreed to help your loved one
  • Get important information to the doctor or therapist … even when you don’t have permission to communicate with them under HIPPA
  • Bring new doctors and therapists up-to-speed on your loved one’s medical history … so that you don’t waste months waiting for the new team to figure out what’s going on

You’ll also get worksheets and checklists to help you:

  • Figure out what triggers your loved one is most susceptible to
  • Identify and record the signs and symptoms that will be most helpful to your loved one’s therapist and doctor
  • Identify your loved one’s unique Bipolar Stability Equation (the equation is different for every person)
  • Get a handle on the amount of debt your loved one has wracked up during previous episodes … and when the Doomsday Scenario strikes
  • Figure out what to do and whom to call when your loved one needs to be hospitalized (waiting until it happens is NOT the way to do it)
  • How to spot if your relationship with your loved one is causing you harm
  • 5 highly effective techniques to protect yourself from your loved one’s anger
  • 4 ways to maintain a positive attitude … even during your loved one’s worst bipolar episodes
  • 3 methods for calming yourself – and your loved one – during emotional outbursts
  • Tips for modifying your communication based on your loved one’s stability to ensure that your message gets through without causing emotional upset
  • A step-by-step process for dissecting your loved one’s episodes … so you can figure out the stressors that are most likely to trigger an episode
  • Keep track of the many medications your loved one must take for their bipolar disorder
  • Capture important information that medical personnel need to have in an emergency

I’ll Even Send You the Transcripts

To make it even easier to absorb all of the information I share in “Avoiding the Bipolar Doomsday Scenario,” I’m also sending you transcripts of each CD. That way, you can make notes while you listen and have a handy reference guide to refer to.

As one supporter to another, I can tell you this – “Avoiding the Bipolar Doomsday Scenario” is something you must have.

How do I know? My own personal experience, that’s how!

I’ve written 19 courses about all the various ways to support people with bipolar disorder, including “The Bipolar Supporter’s Course.” And even I didn’t know how to avoid the Bipolar Doomsday Scenario.

But I do now. And I want you to know what to do when – WHEN, not IF – this strikes your family.

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If you don’t think this is valuable information that will help your family avoid the Bipolar Doomsday Scenario … when your loved one goes from perfectly stable to nightmarishly unstable in a matter of days or even hours … send it back. You won’t owe me a dime.

But if you recognize how truly priceless the course is … and how it will absolutely help you spot and prevent the sneaky bipolar tricks that quickly flare up into the Doomsday Scenario, keep it. Your credit card will be billed automatically at the end of your risk-free 30-day trial period.

“Okay, Dave . . .
So How Much Is This Program Going to Cost?”

First, I want you to change your mindset. My dad used to think that information on bipolar disorder “cost” money. Now he doesn’t think that way. He realizes that information is an investment. Trust me, this information is going to SAVE you money.

Dealing with the aftermath of the Bipolar Doomsday Scenario is expensive. You’ll probably be taking your loved one to doctor’s appointments and therapy sessions at least two or three times a week … if not daily. Your loved one might even wrack up thousands of dollars of debt before you even realize what’s going on. And you can count on spending hours of your time dealing with the aftermath.

The information and proven strategies you’ll get with “Avoiding the Bipolar Doomsday Scenario” will help you avoid the whole mess. And with it, the hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars of expenses.

There are two ways you can invest in “Avoiding the Bipolar Doomsday Scenario”:

OPTION 1: 3-Pay Installment Plan

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Guarantee #1: 30-Day, Totally Risk-Free, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Go through the CDs and transcripts. If you are unhappy for any reason whatsoever, or even if you just change your mind, send the entire course back and you won’t owe me a penny.

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Guarantee #2: My Personal, 90-Day, Better-Than-Your-Money-Back Guarantee

If you decide to keep the Doomsday program, your credit card will be charged according to the payment schedule you select. And you’ll have an extra 90 days to continue reviewing the program on a totally risk-free basis.

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$50 bill

Plus, you can even keep all five CDs as my sincere thank you for giving the course a try.

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~ David Oliver, author of “Avoiding the Bipolar Doomsday Scenario”

Why am I doing this?

Because, I KNOW you need to hear this information if you are supporting someone with bipolar disorder. You will NOT find this information anywhere else. I wish I had known this stuff when we went through my mom’s most recent episode. I had to learn it the hard way – but now you don’t have to.

If you don’t get this information, you are probably DOOMED to have the same thing that happened twice to us also happen to you.


I have to admit, now that I see these guarantees in writing, I understand why my accountant is flipping out. To keep him from resigning, I had to agree to put four conditions on the better-than-your-money-back guarantee:

  1. You must be supporting an ADULT with bipolar disorder.
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  4. You must write me a detailed letter explaining why you didn’t find the material useful and give me permission to reprint it with your name on my website.

Now even if you don’t meet these conditions, or even if you simply just change your mind on purchasing the product, I’ll still give you 100% of your money back, no questions asked (just not the better-than-your-money-back refund). Just send the ENTIRE course back within the next 120 days (90 days after your first payment is made) if you don’t meet the conditions spelled out above.

I hope you’ll agree that I’m being more than fair, right?

Get Started Right Away

I am not kidding around or just trying to get some money from you. You ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY need to get this information if you are supporting an adult with bipolar disorder.

NOTE: If you are supporting a child with bipolar disorder or if you have bipolar disorder yourself, this material is NOT (and I repeat, NOT) for you. This information is only for people who are supporting ADULTS with bipolar disorder.

Get your copy of “Avoiding the Bipolar Doomsday Scenario.”

This is the first time I’ve really been pushed anyone to get one of my products. But it’s so critical that this information gets to the hard-working people who are supporting loved ones with bipolar disorder. The Doomsday Scenario, when it strikes, will devastate your family … and quite frankly, you’ve worked too darn hard supporting your loved one to have all of your efforts erased.

That’s why I’m willing to send you this program absolutely risk-free. Just tell me where to send it, and you can review the course for a full 30 days for free.

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Your Friend,

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