If you are considering marrying someone with bipolar, I ask you point blank . . .

"Will You Make These Disastrous Mistakes When You Marry Someone With Bipolar?"

WARNING-Don't make the mistakes my dad made when he got married to my mom many years ago, and that thousands of other people have already made

Dear Friend,

Marriage takes a lot of hard work and commitment, even under the best circumstances. When you throw bipolar disorder into the mix, things become even more complicated. After all, you are joining with someone emotionally, spiritually, and financially, so it's not a decision you can afford to take lightly.

I'm not suggesting that you shouldn't marry someone who has bipolar disorder, but I'm going to tell you that before you make that decision you need some important information which can help you decide if you're ready to make this leap.

Divorces Are Expensive and Emotionally Draining

One thing I want to tell you before we go any further is don't get married with the thought that if things go badly you can always get a divorce. Not only is that an attitude that will guarantee failure for your marriage, but divorce is not something to be done lightly either.

One study found that divorce costs the United States of American $33 billion. If you decided to get a divorce, it will cost you between $5,000 and $75,000 and that's just for an average couple. Plus, if there are children involved, a divorce doesn't really sever the ties between you and your spouse. That other person will be a part of your life forever!

That's why I think it's important for you to know what you're getting into in advance, so I decided to do some research.

I Went Out And Interviewed A Ton Of People

To find out what you need to know, I interviewed:

  • People who got a divorce right away after getting married
  • People who had gotten a divorce about 10 years after getting married
  • People who were married happily for 3 and 5 years
  • People who were married happily for over 20 years
  • People who were UNHAPPILY married for over 30 years (wait until you hear what they say)

In addition to all of these individuals, I also interviewed my dad and analyzed his 39-year marriage to my mom so that I could find out what went right and what went wrong with them.

I Learned A Ton And Started Sharing

After I first started compiling all of this information, I began sharing it at seminars. People were amazed. Some of the people I've talked to have even told me that this information is going to help their marriage last longer. Other people were shocked and decided not to get married at all because it would be a bad idea in their situations.

Since I realize that you may never get the chance to go to one of these seminars, I decided to put together a Special Report full of the information that you need to know before you decide to say "I do" to someone who has bipolar disorder.

In this incredible Special Report, you'll discover:

  • Three steps to a great marriage with someone who has bipolar
  • The absolute worst thing you can do when you are marrying someone who has bipolar
  • The critical things you should know about someone you want to marry that has bipolar (you'll be totally shocked about this)
  • The facts about bipolar episodes and steps to quickly and easily manage them
  • 7 ways to manage serious bipolar episodes
  • The one thing that NOBODY ever wants to talk about when it comes to marrying someone who has bipolar. If you don't know this CRITICAL piece of information, it can be fatal to YOUR life.
  • The one thing that almost broke my dad financially (and no it was not my mom's spending sprees). Wait until you see this!
  • 4 ways to combat the biggest money problems with people who have bipolar
  • 5 issues you MUST discuss with someone who has bipolar during family events
  • The last word on children and marriage
  • The shocking truth about whether or not you and your spouse should have children
  • The #1 fatal mistake that someone can make when married to someone who has bipolar disorder
  • A 7 letter word that can destroy you, your spouse and your marriage and what to do about it.
  • 4 things that you need to tell children about your spouse or else
  • A proven formula for having a solid long lasting marriage to someone who has bipolar
  • Little things that you will never think of to help you say "I can get married to someone who has bipolar" or "Oh no, I don't want to marry someone who has bipolar."

Plus much, MUCH more!

You WON'T Find This Information Anywhere

You will not find this information in any other book, course, manual, etc. You can't find it at your local library either. How do I know? Because I tried and found out the hard way that marriage is not something any bipolar materials seem to cover in detail.

Marriage is serious step, and you should never enter into it lightly. Before you join your life with someone who has bipolar disorder, you need to know as much as possible so you can decide for yourself whether to go through with it or to have second thoughts. Remember knowledge is power.


Marriage is a serious thing obviously. I have noticed that people who marry people with bipolar get divorced much faster. But I have also noticed there are a small number of people who stay together for a long time. Why? They have the appropriate information and now you can too without risking any of your money.

"100% No Questions Asked,
IRON CLAD, Better-Than-Risk-Free,
120-Day Money Back Guarantee"

When you order this package, you are doing it entirely at my risk. If you get it, and don't like it for any reason whatsoever, or you don't even have a reason and simply want your money back, then simply return it, and I'll issue you a prompt and courteous refund (less shipping and handling). NO questions asked. So you can read everything entirely risk free.

The First 25 People To Order
Will Get A FREE Copy Of My
Bipolar Life Savers Resource Directory

One of the most frustrating, time-consuming, and often costly challenges of coping and dealing with bipolar disorder is finding the right/best support groups, organizations, doctors, therapists, vendors, resources and information. As you'd imagine, over the last year, I've built up quite an arsenal of resources and dealt with dozens of different organizations and people.

In this Guide, I list those I have used, personally found most valuable or that have come to me with the highest of recommendations. Once you get this directory, I urge you to read through it once, listing by listing, in search of something that can help you, yellow hi-liter in hand...then keep and use it as a resource throughout the year. This will save you a TON time and money and help you cope and deal with bipolar easier.

Here's some of the things you discover:

  • How to get FREE or low cost medicine
  • How to get FREE help to get a job
  • People, places, and organizations that are in YOUR area that will help
  • You cope and deal with bipolar
  • Organizations that will help you deal specifically with children
  • The one man who has a 95% winning rate in helping people get disability and offers a FREE consultation if you tell him I sent you.
  • Highly trained people that will come to your house, for FREE, and watch someone with bipolar while you take a break all day.

….and much, MUCH more.

The resources online are almost 8 pages. The resources offline, are 24 pages long. Imagine that, there are more resources offline that aren't even on the internet and that's the way it will be for a long time. Many people just think about going to the internet to find resources but there are TONS that aren't even online. The best people, places and organizations I use, do NOT have a website. Wait until you use the directory, you'll see.

BUT, you must be one of the first 25 people to order and order BEFORE . If you are reading this message, you are still one of the first 25 people so if you are interested, take action today.

What My Dad Thinks

I gave this information to my dad and he reviewed it and, "If only I had know all this BEFORE I had gotten married, we would have had a whole lot less problems and I would have SAVED a fortune and not lost so many friends and family members." He went on to say how the information you can get is worth a million dollars. That's probably how much my dad has lost over time.

Save yourself and your potential spouse from all of those extra problems by getting informed BEFORE you take that first step down the aisle.

Don't make the same mistakes he and others did, click here to order now.


David Oliver

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