If you are planning on having a child then, I have to ask you point-blank…

“Here's What You Need To Know about Your Bipolar Disorder BEFORE You Get Pregnant”

Dear Friend,

If you are considering having a baby and you or your spouse have Bipolar Disorder then this is going to be some of the most important information you have EVER read.

I have received many questions regarding pregnancy and Bipolar Disorder

A lady called me one day. She had found out she was pregnant and has Bipolar Disorder. She was searching for any information that would help a woman who has Bipolar Disorder and was having trouble.

She was especially concerned about the effects of medications on her baby and about experiencing episodes during pregnancy. I, too, began to look for such information and found very little.

What I did find was scattered in many, many locations. So I decided there should be one single place where information was available. The results will help you if you are pregnant or considering getting pregnant and have Bipolar disorder.

Pregnancy is serious business. So is Bipolar Disorder. When those two conditions combine, it can be challenging for someone who is expecting a baby. It can even be deadly if that person doesn't seek help, and the right kind of help. If certain areas are ignored, the child's life can be at stake. Yet….

Most People Just Have A Child Without
Even Considering Bipolar Disorder

Most people who have Bipolar Disorder take medications to help manage their disorder. These medications may work just great, but almost all of them can cause birth defects and unless you know all the facts about how to deal with pregnancy when Bipolar Disorder is involved, you may find yourself in big trouble. You could be hospitalized for your entire pregnancy if you don't learn how to deal with pregnancy and Bipolar Disorder at the same time.

Announcing My New eBook Titled What to Expect With A Pregnancy And Bipolar

Here is what you’ll discover in this incredible resource:

  • The potential for medications such as Lithium, Depakote and Tegretol to contribute to birth defects.
  • Determining how to reduce, eliminate or be weaned off of anti-psychotics, anti-depressants or other medications before, during and after pregnancy.
  • Issues during pregnancy such as:
    • What to do if the mother has a depressive or manic episode during the pregnancy
    • What to do if the mother has a depressive or manic episode during labor or delivery
    • How to prepare for the possibility that the mother could miss the signs of labor or delivery if she is in the throes of a major bipolar episode.
  • How to develop a strong support system to monitor you during pregnancy and during any medication adjustment phase.
  • How to find a doctor willing to work with you during pregnancy to minimize potential episodes
  • The one secret you need to know in order to get “extra” support during a pregnancy.
  • How to cope with hormonal fluctuations that can exacerbate Bipolar Disorder.
  • The biggest secret to planning a pregnancy that nobody ever talks about until it’s too late
  • How to adjust to the physical and emotional changes of pregnancy when you have Bipolar Disorder.
  • How to setup emergency plans in place for pregnancy complications and/or bipolar complications or both.
  • Learning how to differentiate between symptoms that are connected to pregnancy and symptoms that are potential signs of an oncoming episode such as:
    • How can you tell what is hormonal moodiness and what is depression or mania?
    • Are unusual symptoms such as Pica (eating unusual things such as dirt or detergent) a pregnancy side effect or a mood disorder side effect?
    • The added potential for post-partum depression
    • How to handle a disrupted sleep schedule, one of the main triggers of a bipolar episode.
    • The difference between post-partum depression and a depressive bipolar episode, how each is treated, medications for each, how they affect you and your baby.
    • How will you deal with added financial strain of a new child and prevent that strain from triggering an episode?
    • What you need to know about having sex and Bipolar Disorder
      • Birth control
      • Lack of being on medication and having unprotected sex resulting in unwanted children
      • Accidentally getting pregnant when you are taking medicine that could cause birth defects.

I also cover general parenting issues such as:

  • Potential that child will inherit the tendency to exhibit Bipolar Disorder as he or she grows.
  • Coping with symptoms of Bipolar Disorder while the child is an infant. Who will care for the child if the parent has an episode?
  • Nursing and bipolar medications.
  • Will the stresses of parenting aggravate bipolar symptoms?
  • How will you deal with the disruptive schedule of a newborn? This can be very disturbing for someone with Bipolar Disorder since a structured lifestyle is crucial to emotional stability.
  • What will you do if the baby displays tendencies or symptoms of Bipolar Disorder?

Also, you’ll get…

Checklists And Worksheets
There are several things that you need to keep track of while going through a pregnancy and coping with Bipolar Disorder. This bonus will help you know what to do and organize your facts in the quickest, easiest possible way so you don’t forget all those so-easy-to-forget little things that are very important.

There is NO WHERE ELSE This Information Exists

You see, there are lots of people who are great with pregnancy -- that is teaching you things to look out for. BUT, none of these people know Bipolar Disorder. Bipolar Disorder is a special mood disorder and, if you don’t understand it, it will roll right over you like a giant rock. I am sure if you are reading this, you already understand this.

This course, however, has information on dealing with pregnancy and bipolar which is truly a very difficult thing. And most importantly, if you have other children, it covers that as well.

I am really, REALLY proud of what I have put together and it’s truly and incredible “offer.” The only thing that will make it even better is to offer my famous…

"100% No Questions Asked, IRON CLAD
90-Day Money Back Guarantee"

When you order this package, you are doing it entirely at my risk. Once you get it, if you don’t like it for any reason whatsoever or you don’t even have a reason and simply want your money back,  I’ll issue you a prompt and courteous refund. NO questions asked. So you can read everything entirely risk free.

This Will Save You A TON Of Grief,
Time Energy And Money

When I showed this information to various people, they were amazed. They wished they had it while they were going through a pregnancy or even before they considered one.

I guarantee you will love this material.

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You can get your digital copy for only $39.95. This is a real bargain when you think about what it would cost you to figure everything out yourself or spend days and days trying to gather information, only to learn it simply isn’t readily available in a single, authoritative source.

Don’t Delay

Take action now so you can be on the road to making sure you understand how to properly deal with Bipolar Disorder and pregnancy.

I think it’s a good idea to know ahead of time, don’t you?

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David Oliver

P.S. Don’t let your pregnancy be up to random chance. Many people who have Bipolar Disorder, simply don’t do enough research prior to attempting to get pregnant. This can be disastrous! Plus, it’s simply not fair to the child. Allow me to do the homework for you so you can review it in the comfort of your own home.

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