Answers To Frequently Asked Questions

The following are a list of answers to the most frequently asked questions that I get.

How Is Your Mom?

My mom is doing great now. Things have really turned around.

What Medicine Is Your Mom On?

My mom is on a number of different medicines and she is doing great. As for her specific medicine, please note that everyone is different. Medicine needs to be prescribed by a qualified doctor.

"Why are you taking advantage of people's misfortune?"

I'm not. If you are bipolar or supporting someone who is, you have to start getting serious and not treating it like a joke or hobby. Stop worrying about spending money on educating yourself and start doing it. If you have to buy things to help yourself or your loved one, then do it. Don't cheat yourself out of educating yourself about your or your love one's illness. This goes for my course and anything else you might find.

"David, My name is Stephanie, and I am a manic depressant, boarding bipolar. Your course has taught me a lot about what's going on with me, and how to deal with it, in different ways than I have before. Your course has also helped me gain knowledge about the bipolar disorder, that will, I'm sure, help me in the long run when I enter school to become a psychologist. Again, thank you for your time, and thank you for sharing all this wonderful information."


"What's your feeling on natural remedies for bipolar?"

I would stay away from them. I believe in finding a great doctor who will prescribe one or more of the various medications to help stabilize a person. Keep in mind, in my day job I sell nutritional supplements but I would NEVER tell someone with bipolar to try to find natural herbs to help them over medicine. I have NEVER heard of one case where a person became stable through natural herbs or stayed stable without medicine through natural herbs.

I can't stress it enough. Find a great doctor. Take the medication he/she recommends and NEVER get off the medicine to switch to something natural. It could be a real disaster. And one last thing if you want to take supplements to improve and maintain good health, make sure you check with your doctor first and discuss these issues with him/her.

"Are you for real?"

Yes, I am. Keep in mind, what author answers questions personally and even includes his phone number to call? Here is my phone number 201-490-6875.

"I have recently been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. I ordered David's course for my boyfriend since he was my only support system that I had. Not only did David's course help him it also helped me.

It gave him more information on what the disorder was, what to expect, how to plan for an episode, how to handle my affairs if I ever had to be hospitalized, and so much more. He was much more confident about talking to the doctors after reading the information. He was better educated to ask questions that we would have never even known to ask. Before David's course we were not even sure if he should be going to the doctor with me. Now we know what we should be doing.

It gave me all the information I needed and questions I needed to ask to make sure that I picked the right therapist, the right doctor, and the right medical staff treating me.

I am one of the luckier ones. I have a mental illness but I am not afraid to get help. In fact I invite it any time I can because I do not want to be like this anymore. I have put a lot of effort in to finding as much information as I can for myself and my family but David's course gave me information that I never even thought to look for. This is the best investment I could have ever made for myself and my family. Thanks again,"

-Bridget Brown

"Why Do You Have A Deadline To Order?"

Good question. Well a few months about when I started this, I had one lower price. I lost a TON of money that month. Eventually I increased the price several times to stop losing money (there are a lot of costs associated to this). When I raised the price, many people got mad because they said they were saving up and if they knew the price might go up, they would have ordered sooner. I actually gave it to them for the older lower price and agreed it wasn't fair what I did.

So I decided to always limit the pricing day by day. You are guaranteed the pricing through 11:59pm PST, .

"I bet you make a ton of money doing this, do you?"

I don't. There are MANY costs associated with all of this. Not to mention I get about 147 emails a week to answer personally. I get about 21 phone calls a week as well.

"Is this a scam?"

No if you look at my story and know anything at all about bipolar and depression, you would know, it would be hard to make these things up. This is not a scam and this is a serious situation that I have gone through. This is a REAL life situation about my REAL Mother's bipolar disorder.

"Why won't you talk to people before they get your course?"

Because 99.9% of the things that they want to talk about is covered in my course. Plus, it's much easier to talk to people after they've gone through my course.

"How long are you going to keep doing this?"

I'm not sure. It's a whole lot of work and I'm not making a million a year. I like the fact I have helped many people but every now and then a person annoys me with a comment like "why can't you send the course for free" or a comment about me making this all up or something about me taking advantage of people's misfortune. I understand that 95% of these people are mad because of their situation but it still annoys me and when I see messages like that I sometimes feel like taking down the entire website and system and letting people fend for themselves but I don't. There are many more people that appreciate information and help I provide.

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