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Remember if you do decide to pay for your entire investment in The Bipolar Master Success Course with just ONE payment, I'll throw in FREE Reprint Rights for my Bipolar Explanation Guide. Now you will be able to take this guide and LEGALLY have it reproduced without paying any royalties and give it out for FREE to help people understand your bipolar disorder.

The value of this is immense. Let's face, most of the material out in the world on bipolar is either too long, complicated or boring to really get someone to quickly understand what bipolar is all about and that's why something else was needed.

If you had to have a Bipolar Explanation Guide written, it could cost you at least $20 a page for a professional writer and researcher with experience with bipolar disorder. That means it would cost you at least $320.00.  Plus, it would cost you let's say a couple of hundred dollars to find others who would allow you to use their stories and have them reprinted as well.  So let's say the value of this Surprise Bonus Gift is conservatively $505.00.


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"David: Everything that you have written me so far - I have truly realized that you know EXACTLY what Bipolar is and how to deal with it. Thanks for your support. You KNOW exactly what it feels like to love and care about a family member who is Bipolar. I feel so relieved that you are there for me. THANKS SO MUCH!!!"

--Maren Nolting

"Dear Dave; I just wanted to send you an E-mail to first of all thank-you for all of the lifesaving info that you have sent me about bipolar disorder. Every since I have been receiving information about bipolar from you, I feel more and more inspired. I also feel like I am not alone anymore."

--Diana Rowland

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I also understand that I am protected by your "IRON CLAD, Better-Than-Risk-Free, Hassle Free, 150-Day Money Back Guarantee." I know this is one of the best guarantees I've every seen! If I ask you for a refund for any reason whatsoever, you'll issue one promptly and courteously with NO questions asked.

I understand it gets even better, because this guarantee is better-than-risk-free. Not only will you give me a 100% refund (less shipping and handling), you let me keep all the FREE gifts valued at up to $732.00 even if I return your course. So basically I have absolutely positively nothing to lose and can only come out way ahead.

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"Dear David: What I always think about you is that you are an incredible good man. You have been an excellent friend with priceless information by the way that extra information increases my knowledge and I could give that information to some others who needs to know about it. Thanks a lot!!!!!"

-- Maria Teresa