"Personally, I can say that your material has been very good. You really are doing a great job and I encourage you to continue. I recommend [your material to] anyone with Bipolar or that has a loved one that has it…"

--Janice B., Fairbanks, Alaska

"By the time I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, I was institutionalized, divorced, unemployed, nearly homeless and suicidal. I had destroyed my relationships with my family and my life was a physical, emotional, financial, and spiritual wreck. I felt totally lost and alone as I suffered for the next two years on the medication merry-go-round, completely ignorant about my disorder. I firmly believe that if I had Dave's course when I was first diagnosed, it would have saved me those two years of suffering. I cannot recommend his course strongly enough-if you make this investment and do everything he tells you to do in the course, you will reach stability and get your life back much earlier than I did."

--Michele Soloway, Seymour, Tennessee

"It has helped me by having material easily accessible to myself and also to forward to my relatives for them to read and further their knowledge of the illness… i have sent your link to my GP in Australia so he can give it to his patients to get any on-line help they need...people like you deserve a gold medal.."

-- Mrs Frankie-Lousie L., Red Cliffs, Victoria, Australia

"I went thru' all the 14 parts of your course. Really it's informative and very truly reflects your experience. I myself a bipolar effected person and I am living with it from last 20 years. I am from India. I am still under treatment. I had to give up my job as an engineer due the ailment and presently looked after by my brother. I am now 41 and still a bachelor. You course is very beneficial and it is also very near to my undergoing of suffering of being a bipolar. Thanks a lot David and I will certainly recommend your course to people I know who are bipolar or someone looking after a bipolar person. --regards,"

--Kran, India

"I am so amazed at the program your offering... Dave is right, it is hereditary, looking back now I can remember, my brother, my father, one female cousin, my uncles
(3). We all had the same problems. Thank God, we've been found out. Your program can change thousands of lives, cuz their out of sink with the rest of the world, and don't know it. Just wanted to let you know I think your an amazing person, by offering all this help…So many people need this help, it's encouraging to find some help. Good Luck, and GOD bless you for your effort."

-- Jeanne Boulet, Manchester, New Hampshire

"…you've helped me through a very difficult depression for which I'm very thankful. Even if you just help one person, that's still an awful lot. I, for one, think you're wonderful… I've kept everything you've sent me."

--Marian H., Seattle, Washington

"It has helped to understand what I have been experiencing with my sister. No body in our family was even aware of this thing called bipolar disorder and how it affects those afflicted with it. Keep going with your work. I really believe you are helping many people."

--Craig W., Sandy, Utah

"…you can not find the information that David provides anywhere that I know of. He touches every part of a bipolar life and how to deal with it… I believe in his information so I save my money to buy his courses…I have come to rely on his information. I would recommend David's information to anyone having bipolar…"

--Carole C., Marietta, Georgia

"i am recently diagnosed and appreciate the plain explanations of symptoms and other info…it is a good starting point to understanding the disorder."

--Belinda O., Canberra, ACT, Australia

"Your information has been helpful & informative. It has helped to put my feelings into words to describe to people what I am going through. I would definitely recommend this newsletter to others.. I have shared this with all my NON-BIPOLAR friends so that they can better understand the illness and what is helpful and unhelpful for a support person to do for their loved one."

--Kirsty T., Timberlake, Breakwater, Victoria, Australia

"If you don't understand what you are up against, this newsletter is really something that you need to read. Plus, it gives you ideas on how to deal with either your problems or a family members."

--Trisha G., Dayton, Washington

"Your material on Bipolar Disorder has helped me tremendously. There are new facts that I did not know and I often forward this information on to my loved one's who also want to know more about my illness."

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"The material that you have sent to me has been wonderful, a great deal of help. I have learned soooo much from you, and have been able to live a normal life now...My recommendation to others would be definitely give this a try, David has brought together a great deal of information to help a loved one or yourself."

--Whiskey M., Indianapolis, Indiana

"It definitely has helped! The material that you send out is so right on the mark! It tells it like it really is. I just wish I had had all of this support in my earlier days of Bipolar; when I was first diagnosed, and didn't know very much then..."

--Maurie M., Norman, Oklahoma

"The material you have sent me has been very helpful. I was once in the dark about bipolar disorder, since I've started reading your material daybreak has finally occurred. If you or someone else you know has bipolar, this information that David writes is a Godsend."

--Donna W., Saxton, Pennsylvania

"My brother and I both suffer with bipolar disorder. The information is very informative and useful. I would recommend [it] because it has helped me deal with issues concerning the disease."

--Terri F., Camden, Alabama

"it has been fabulous information for me and my immediate family as I was just diagnosed in April and we are all trying to learn as much as we can!! Thank you so much"

--Barbara T., Albuquerque, New Mexico

"I'm 45 years and i receive my diagnostic when i was 40. Thanks for your help...i share with all my family the information that i found."

--Sonia T., San Lorenzo, Puerto Rico

"I am married to a wonderful man who has…Bi-Polar II. I myself was diagnosed with Bi-Polar(?) two years ago. Your information has been helpful...I have found several good pieces of information and resources."

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"I was just diagnosed and the info I get is very useful in helping understand my illness. Please don't stop what you are doing…I would recommend it to others."

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"i feel that it helps me, it gives me insight and answers my questions that pops up…I feel that my brother and my father suffers from the same condition so I show them what you send me…"

--Patricia V., Pretoria, South Africa

"I like the info you have provided…my diagnosis [occurred] more than three years ago… Those who know very little about Bipolar should read this information that you have provided so that they can get an introduction on this disease!!!"

--Carla L., Cambridge, Ohio

"Knowing what I have learned now, in just the past few months I'm better prepared for life in general. I feel that any info someone can get their hands on about Bipolar is a good thing. I personally applaud your efforts."

--Christine B., Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada

"I have bipolar, i have shared this with my husband and it has helped him to understand me better."

--Mary C., Rogers, Arkansas

"I am bi-polar and my own Mother was also bi-polar and I was a care giver for her. For someone who is newly diagnosed or for families the amount of information is vital…Being informed gives you better choices and helps you to help yourself."

--Maria G., Slidell, Louisiana

"I was just diagnosed with bipolar disorder I, mixed last year. I am finding…that you can never have enough information when it comes to fighting this illness. I would totally recommend your articles. Thank you for all your work and for your resources."

--Rebecca H., Littleton, Colorado