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"My name is Stephanie, and I am a manic depressant, boarding bipolar. Your course has taught me a lot about what's going on with me, and how to deal with it, in different ways than I have before. Your course has also helped me gain knowledge about the bipolar disorder, that will, I'm sure, help me in the long run when I enter school to become a psychologist. Again, thank you for your time, and thank you for sharing all this wonderful information."


"I find your information very helpful. I was diagnosed with bipolar multi-episodes a few months ago. I probably had it since day one as my mom has the same symptoms but she will NEVER admit it. You are doing a GREAT job!"


"I very much appreciate your bipolar supporter info. You ARE the first to put a lot of this useful info out there for us trying to make our way thru the challenge of it all. I listened to the audio on financial component several times."

--Deb B.

Yes, David! I want to discover the proven techniques that thousands of other people are using to successfully cope and deal with their loved one's bipolar disorder. I want to help my loved one live a normal, happy, stable and successful life … and your course will show me what I need to do.

Please rush me The Bipolar Supporter’s Course. I’ve selected the package I want below.


I understand that this pricing and special offer is only guaranteed today.

I am aware you have 2 versions of your course to choose from which are listed below:

"David: Everything that you have written me so far - I have truly realized that you know EXACTLY what Bipolar is and how to deal with it. Thanks for your support. You KNOW exactly what it feels like to love and care about a family member who is Bipolar. I feel so relieved that you are there for me. THANKS SO MUCH!!!"

--Maren Nolting

"Dear Dave; I just wanted to send you an E-mail to first of all thank-you for all of the lifesaving info that you have sent me about bipolar disorder. Every since I have been receiving information about bipolar from you, I feel more and more inspired. I also feel like I am not alone anymore."

--Diana Rowland

"I'm Protected By Your TWO Iron-Clad, 100%, 120-Day, Total-Satisfaction-or-Your-Money-Back Guarantees"

GUARANTEE #1: IRON Clad NO Questions Asked 120-Day Money-Back Guarantee
I can take the next 120 days to go through every bit of information you've included in The Bipolar Supporter's Course. I can take notes, and test some of the strategies and techniques to use on my loved one.

If I don’t agree that The Bipolar Supporter's Course is the most valuable and concise resource I've ever found on successfully coping with bipolar disorder, I can easily get a prompt and courteous refund of of my investment (less Shipping & Handling).

But, if I do return your course, I get to keep up to $942.00 in FREE Bonus Gifts as a thank you for giving the course a try.

GUARANTEE #2: The 5-Month, $817 Challenge
If, at the end of 5 months, I haven’t SAVED at least $817 with your course, all I need to do is ask for a refund and I’ve got it, every penny (less Shipping & Handling), after 5 months. I understand this course is designed to teach me about bipolar disorder, save me time –and save me money. I know that you are so confident about this, you've built this into your guarantee.

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I would like to order the Master Bipolar Supporter's Course which comes with $942.00 in FREE Gifts

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"Dear David: What I always think about you is that you are an incredible good man. You have been an excellent friend with priceless information by the way that extra information increases my knowledge and I could give that information to some others who needs to know about it. Thanks a lot!!!!!"

-- Maria Teresa

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