"Thank you so much for your course.

I'm a single mom of a soon-to-be 17 year old daughter. My honor-roll, award winning, student-council secretary and lead of the school play daughter began struggling with Bipolar illness during her first year of high school. Suddenly, the grades dropped, the friends changed - and the rages began - almost overnight. I, of course was blamed by teachers, friends parents, my own friends and family - as well as every therapist I took her to. My daughter made up stories and twisted reality - and when in an episode, she actually believed her own reality - she was very convincing,. And because I was a single mom with no one else in the home, there was no one to back me up. At one point, I had to take pictures of my cupboards and fridge, which were stocked with enough food for a family of 8 - because she told anyone who would listen that I was too poor to buy groceries, and they believed her!

There was no violence in our home while she was growing up... yet there was my peace-loving little girl, putting holes in walls, ripping the door (literally) off its' hinges, and threatening to kill herself. Or me. She would scream, over and over, at the top of her lungs - even if it was 2 in the morning.

It's been 2 1/2 years of pure hell - her illness, possibly because of her age, is constantly cycling. There have only been about 6 weeks in each year where she has been her normal, rational self. I begged one therapist and doctor after another to tell me what to do - how to handle the rages and violence. They gave me every wrong and stupid piece of advice you can imagine. Usually, their advice made things worse.

By the time I stumbled on your course, I knew my daughter was Bipolar. Yet I couldn't get her treated because the doctor and therapist told me UP FRONT: we will only diagnose the patient based on what the patient tells us!!! And of course, if she was not in the deepest of her depression at the moment she was in their office, she would downplay the severity and deny the rages.

When I tell you that I was ready to pack a bag and disappear to an island somewhere, I am not kidding. She was getting worse and worse and I had nothing left in me to help her with.

Then your course came in the mail. First, you gave me tips on how to handle the rages. MIRACLE!!! Guess what? By applying those simple little tips I have actually been able to redirect the rages so that she is no longer violent and screaming in our home! Of course, she does become severely depressed when she cannot rage, but this brought her quickly to a point where she was willing to be honest with her doctor. She was immediately diagnosed with Bipolar illness. The school has agreed to grant her some leniency under the laws provided for students with disabilities. She now has a shot, albeit a long one, of graduating with her class. This would not have happened in time if she had not received the diagnosis so quickly after your course taught me how to communicate with the doctors.

I have cried elephant tears over the education I received. See, my doctor said that she would just take mood stabilizers and everything would probably just get better. But your course told me differently. So I set about doing my own research, and found that you were the one telling me the truth. This illness is much bigger and more severe than I had realized - than most people ever know.

But your course has given me a plan for every possible scenario - and a promise that I can, in time, have my own life back. And showed me, step by step, just how to do that. I have been reading, researching, and talking to people for 6 months now and the information in your course is an education I have found nowhere else.

My very best to you,"


"All I got to say is THANK GOD for your e-mails. You have been so helpful to me and my mom and sister, we are all new to all this as my dad just recently was in hospital and now in a group home he has been depressed for years but it took its toll this Christmas, we all had know idea about symptoms or anything, because of your informed e-mails i am now in a mental health support group for family and friends. I am also in counseling and learning >more about my dad and about myself and how i feel about everything. So please keep sending your e-mails your a life line.

Because of you symptoms newsletter I was able to talk to his doctor and tell him that there might be something wrong with his meds cause he had a manic episode a first one for me to deal with. your help got him on proper meds and allowed me to ask questions that you suggested we ask about our loved ones medical condition to the doctor. So thank-you very much God bless you,"

--Mark Holton.

"Living with a bipolar son, a mother that is in denial and other family members that have been diagnosed as bipolar I find your tips and humor a life saver. I am at times at my wits end and have to remember to take care of me. I am a MSW, LBSW, CART, CI and I'll be damned if living with a bipolar doesn't get to me. All those letters after my name does not mean as much, as having a person as yourself saying and being in the same situation to give me strength. love and thanks for your support and giving spirit."


"I just want to thank you for all the information that I have learned reading your material. My husband and youngest son are bipolar. I just wanted to say Thank You!"

--Sherry Davis

First of all I want to say that you have helped me out extremely. I talked to you on the phone last week and you gave me some really good insight into how I am supposed to feel when my loved one is going through an episode. I had a lot of questions about bipolar and basically I wanted to know if what was happening to me in my life between my loved one and I was normal. I wanted to know if everyone who had a bipolar loved one has these problems. You put a lot of my questions at ease. I thank you for that."

-- Shanna

"I find the your information to be very helpful. You see, my husband has a co-worker who has been diagnosed as bi-polar. With the information you are providing, he is finding it helpful in understanding the mood swings, attitude changes that the co-worker goes thru during an episode. I want to say "thanks" & will continue to read your information you have available."


"Your course is helping me. My husband of 12 years is just in the process of being diagnosed . It is not confirmed yet, but the doctors are telling me that this is the direction we are headed. You are helping me to figure out what kind of behaviors to watch out for and to realize that he needs help and I can't do it all on my own. My marriage was falling apart and I was about to give up on him. I now have hope that my husband and I can work through this. I know we have a long road ahead but your advice and words of encouragement really do help. Thank you =:)"


"My name is Courtenay, and my boyfriend is bipolar. I didn't know anything about this disease and I was ready to leave the love of my life until I got on to your site. I now know allot more than I could have ever hoped about his disease, thanks to you. We haven't even got an appointment yet (2 month waiting list) or even started his recovery at all, but there is hope now. You have helped me get through the most horrible time of my life. So thanks for all your hard work. IT IS NOT IN VAIN!!!!! Sincerely,"


"This course is really helping me. I'm just new to all of this so I don't really know all that much. My best friend has Bipolar. All he told me was that he has the disorder and that he has never had a violent episode and has it under control. But personally I still wanted to know more. So I signed up for you course and it is really helping, I feel like I'm understanding the disorder and him a lot better, thanks to your course. Thanks."


"I got your course to get information so that I could write a research paper in my English class, but being the sister of a woman who suffers from bipolar disorder I have learned more than I ever imagined about this disease. I have learned so much through your experience and I truly enjoy your course."


"You are helping me. My situation is this and I guess I am still new to this and am in the getting information stage. About two months ago I started dating this woman who is bi-polar. I went into a search for info just to see what it all entailed and also if there was concerns I should have and also for ways that I can help her. I appreciate your frankness and also the fact that you are taking your time to do this. Thank you"


"Everything that you have written me so far - I have truly realized that you know EXACTLY what Bipolar is and how to deal with it. Thanks for your support. You KNOW exactly what it feels like to love and care about a family member who is Bipolar. I feel so relieved that you are there for me. THANKS SO MUCH!!!"

--Maren Nolting

"Please do not give up on educating people on bipolar disorder. Finding your web sight was a god send. I am devoting the rest of my days to help my son become a responsible productive human being. Your mini course assured me I was on the right track. It is like I am raising him all over again."

--Sandra Caddell

"You ARE helping many of us...at least in my case you are. My husband was just diagnosed to be bipolar. We got married a year and a half ago. The attitude and the actions he was portraying to me hurt me so much. It is VERY hard to understand why a person who says they love you can cause so much pain. I realized I was undereducated in detecting and understanding my husband.

Your course has brought new light into my path of life besides my husband. He experienced an episode of mania that complicated our finances (we are about to finish paying the down payment on a house) and our relationship was about to end. I really owe you a big thanks for taking the time to educate us and for your great efforts in opening our eyes to the real "story" behind a bipolar person or situation.

To be honest with you, along our pathway in life we will do our best and there will always be someone who is not satisfied regardless of the great benefit we are bringing to this world. So keep you head up high because you have enlightened many of our lives. :-)"


"The e-mails I get help me in many different ways. First of all, I don't feel alone in dealing with the problems my child faces. And second of all, at times when I feel overwhelmed and think, "What can I do now?" I read something that lets me know we are keeping up the fight to get her on the correct meds. You are a definite help, heaven sent. Don't stop. Thanks."


"I need to take this opportunity to thank you for all your help. You have helped my understanding of my wife's condition and tools to help her the best way I can.

You have taught me to be prepared, what to look for, and some things to expect. You have been a blessing to me.

Thank you for sharing your insights as well as all your life experience."

--James Harris

"Your materials are terrific. Reading through your resource information already makes me feel better about the task at hand. (Our son has not yet been formally diagnosed although he agrees that he needs help and does have an appointment with a psychiatrist.) Thanks for your quick delivery and for having taken your time to write the information down in such a coherent manner."

-Beth of  Florida

"Thanks for the info. The course and tapes have helped our family to understand Bipolar disorder better and take the steps to avoid some of the disasters it can cause."

--Brian H., Selkirk, New York

"It has been very informative for me and other s in family to get some basic eductaion on the subject pf this dosorder that has affected my family for ove 20 years�I have recommneded the newsletter to others all ready, including professionals, family and friends."

--Paul B., Peterborough, Ontario, Canada

"I think you are doing a wonderful job�Just in your free mini course I have learned a lot. I can't tell you how hard it is to love someone who has this disorder and won't get help or refuses to see the problem...So I turned to your website for help�Just reading what you share has helped me to feel like I am not loosing my mind and that I am not crazy."

--Tina J., Centerville, Ohio

"My Mother has Bipolar. Understanding Bipolar is the first step to dealing with it. This course helped me understand that I am not alone in my thoughts on this matter."

--Vicki T., Seaton, SA, Australia

"I think your material is wonderful. It has helped me understand Bi-Polar better and made me able to care for my wife in a more beneficial manner. Thank you for all your good information�I have already recommended [it] to many of my freinds."

--Todd H., Swartz Creek, Michigan

"It has helped my family and me understand my my daughter's illness. Anyone close to us has one of the booklets. I have given you web info to all of my dauhter's family."

--Lisa Owens, Kosciusko, Mississippi