"How to Instantly Deal With Anger,
Irrationality, And Mania
In Your Loved One with Bipolar Disorder"

Dear Friend,

If you are in a relationship with someone who has bipolar disorder and who exhibits anger, irrationality and/or mania and you have problems dealing with their behavior, then this letter is going to be a Godsend to you.

If your loved one goes into periods of anger, rage, and even violence… if they do things that you just don't understand and seem "crazy" to you… if they seem like they are "on the go" all the time, as if they're driven by some unforeseen motor… then I know what you are up against.

I have had so many other people like you tell me they have the same problems with their loved one, and they just don't know how to deal with these behaviors!

In my own case, years ago, I faced the same problem. My mom exhibited some of these behaviors, yet thought she was "fine." She thought that we were the ones with the problem (my dad, her friends and co-workers, and me).

It really hurt me a lot, as I'm sure your loved one hurts you a lot, too. At the time, I just didn't know how to deal with my mom's behavior.

Finally, I learned how to deal with her behaviors.

I developed techniques and strategies that I used with my mom and today, she is doing just great!

One of the Biggest Questions

After all this time of running www.BipolarCentral.com and www.BorderlineCentral.com, one of the biggest questions I hear asked is, "How do I deal with my loved one's anger, irrational behavior, and mania?"

Most supporters just don't know what to do. Neither do therapists, psychiatrists, doctors, and many other experts. I have been to many support groups and heard experts say, "There's really nothing you can do except try to do the best you can, unless they are suicidal or homicidal." This is TOTALLY NOT TRUE.

There are things that can be done.

I've Been Told It's Impossible

If you have been "around the block," so to speak, and have asked people how to deal with your loved one's behavior, especially when your loved one thinks they are fine, you have probably either been told a) there's nothing you can do about it, or b) they must be a threat to themselves or others.

Or maybe you have just kept it to yourself, afraid to talk to someone else about it, thinking your loved one's behavior will just go away by itself.

But it doesn't. In fact, it keeps getting worse.

If you have found someone else with the same problem and tried to talk to them about it, they have probably said, "Well it's difficult," and then skips over the question quickly because they honestly have no idea.

This is true, but…

There are other ways.

How I Figured Out So Many Ways

First, I invented several ways myself. I had to come up with something to get my mom to stop her behaviors.

Then I did tons and tons of research to find out ways to deal with anger, irrationality, and mania.

I talked to the people in the support groups I attended to see how they dealt with their loved one's anger, irrationality, and mania.

Then I had an idea.

First, I would take the techniques that I knew worked. The ones I used and the ones I knew people used successfully.

I wrote them down and recorded them.

I took all the information I had collected, and I reviewed everything very carefully. Then I grouped everything together looking for patterns.

If I saw something that worked 3 times by 3 different people I considered it proven. I then recorded it.

After weeks of doing this process, I had more than 25 strategies. I was really amazed.

The most amazing thing was that NOBODY else ever talked about these techniques.

Some of them you will find strange. Some you won't think could work but they do. Some you would think are too difficult but are not. After you review them, you'll find that it's very possible to deal with your loved one's anger, irrational behavior and mania. Instantly!

The good news is that I have personally taught people these techniques and now have seen that they work. I no longer have to rely just on knowing it only worked for just three people!

You'll Never Find These Strategies Anywhere

The methods in How To Instantly Deal With Anger, Irrationality, And Mania In Your Loved One with Bipolar Disorder come from real supporters just like you and me.

These come from people on the front line of the battle against these behaviors.

Of all the research I did and all the people I talked to, I only selected methods that were used by at least three people successfully.

These are proven strategies. I know, because I have used them myself with my mom.

You're going to be amazed at how simple it will be to use these strategies.

In this guide, you'll learn the answer to one of the most difficult aspects of dealing with someone who exhibits rage, irrationality, and mania, and how to do it instantly!

To find out how to enable you to deal with your loved one's behavior, I used strategies that really work; I didn't just use my own experience. I also used the experiences of other people that I've talked to, so you could benefit from their experiences as well.

I picked up dozens of useful tips and strategies (all of which work, by the way) … and you will, too.

Some of the things you'll learn in this guide are:

  • What the anger spectrum is

  • Where does your loved one fall in the anger spectrum?

  • The many definitions of anger

  • What to do if your loved one's anger turns to violence

  • The difference between fury, indignation, and wrath

  • How anger is an affliction

  • What about the intensity of anger (and how it affects you)

  • What does "overmastering destructive rage merging on madness" mean?

  • What to do if you are the intended target of your loved one's rage

  • How to keep from taking your loved one's actions personally

  • Ways to deflect your loved one's anger instantly

  • What your own mental health has to do with your loved one's anger

  • Why you shouldn't fight back

  • What "hear but do not listen" means

  • Why and when you should leave your loved one

  • The worst thing to do when your loved one is raging at you

  • When you should call the police on your loved one

  • How your loved one will blame you for their own behavior

  • Whether your loved one is acting rationally or not

  • The story of Steve and Sharon (this may be your story as well)

  • The definition of rationality vs. irrationality

  • How do you know if you're with someone who is irrational?

  • The hardest place to start if you're dealing with irrational behavior

  • 4 Simple Truths to help you deal with your loved one's irrational behavior

  • The really tough question you need to ask yourself

  • 10 ways to instantly deal with your loved one's irrational behavior

  • Questions to ask yourself to discover if your loved one suffers from mania

  • 11 signs of mania

  • Are you being victimized by your loved one's manic behavior?

  • Kathy's story of her manic behavior

  • 6 specific ways to deal with your loved one's mania right now!

  • Will manic behavior go away on its own?

  • And much, much more!

You'll find so many strategies that work well that NOBODY ever talks about!

FREE Bonus Report: "The ONE Thing Your Loved One Can Do To Destroy Your Relationship"

When you first read the title of this bonus report, I bet you could think of several things that your loved one could do to destroy your relationship, couldn't you?

Even the anger, irrationality, and mania in "How to Instantly Deal with Anger, Irrationality, and Mania in Your Loved One with Bipolar Disorder" might suggest the ONE thing your loved one can do to destroy your relationship, but it isn't even one of those three things.

You might have thought it could be lying, cheating, stealing, or doing things behind your back, but it's not even any of those things, either.

No, the ONE thing that your loved one can do to destroy your relationship is much worse than that.

For those who are having problems dealing with a loved one whose behavior is destroying their relationship, they NEED to read this report!

Just think…

WHAT IF…your loved one was destroying your relationship?

WHAT IF… you couldn't understand why?

WHAT IF… you were unnecessarily blaming yourself for it?

WHAT IF… you could find out the ONE thing they were doing that was destroying your relationship, and if you could do something about it?

These answers and more are in this special report. If you feel like your loved one is destroying your relationship and you have no idea why, but you want to understand, this report will help give you the insight and information you need to stop blaming yourself and know why your loved one is doing what they're doing.

This is a $19.95 value.

Ok, Dave, So What Is This All Going To Cost Me?

First of all, I want you to change your mind about the word "cost," and think instead of "investment."

It's an investment that is going to SAVE you money. How much is your loved one costing you being unstable? I know it's a TON. Why do I know? I have been there.

Are they working? Or has their behavior already cost them their job? Are they paying their bills? Are they hurting you and your work? All these things are a cost.
To say nothing about the emotional toll your loved one's behavior is taking on you. This report will be invaluable to you so that you can deal with your loved one's anger, irrationality, and mania.

How much is that worth to you?All I ask is you invest $49.95 for it. This allows me to continue marketing this website so I connect with and hopefully help others who are in need of this vital knowledge and information. I want to save lives.

AND… I will include the bonus report for FREE!

If you decide to keep the guide, take the next 90 days to go through every bit of information I've included in How to Instantly Deal With Anger, Irrationality, And Mania In Your Loved One with Bipolar Disorder. Take notes, and test the methods and some of the strategies for yourself.

If you don't agree that How to Instantly Deal With Anger, Irrationality, And Mania In Your Loved One with Bipolar Disorder gives you the techniques and strategies you need to deal with your loved one's behavior, I demand that you ask for your money back.

100% NO Questions Asked 90-Day Money Back Guarantee

I know that if you are trying to deal with a loved one's anger, irrationality, and mania, you may think, "I have tried everything, Dave's stuff probably won't work."

Don't worry, because I know how you feel. This is why I am offering you a 100% NO questions asked 90-day IRON Clad money back guarantee.

If you do ask for a refund, I'll issue one promptly and courteously with NO questions asked.

Better Than Risk FREE Guarantee

Even if you do ask for a refund, you'll be able to keep and have the FREE Bonus Gift that you received. That will be my way of saying "thank you" for giving my material a try. So there is no way that you can come out losing on this. You have nothing to lose and a whole lot to gain.

Why am I doing this? Well I want to help people who are trying to deal with these behaviors in their loved ones. I really think that they feel "alone" in their situation I want to do something about it.

So far people love the materials I have produced. I am really excited about it and feel I am making a big impact.

Don't Decide Now

Don't decide now if these techniques and strategies will work. Simply get the guide.

Review it. Look it over. Look at the strategies. Then put them into action. Then make your decision. Again, there is absolutely no risk on your part. You are fully protected.

Go ahead and place your order right away while the idea is fresh in your mind. Do it now before your loved one does more damage. Whether it's to themselves, to you, to your family, or to someone else. Whether it's any one of the terrible things that they are 100% capable of doing.

No matter what anyone else has told you… no matter how many people have told you, "that's just the way things are" … I'm telling you that you CAN learn how to deal with your loved one's anger, irrationality, and mania. You don't have to put up with it any more.

Please click here right now to get this one of a kind guide.

Your Friend,

David Oliver

David Oliver

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