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Q: Will your programs really work for me and my loved one?
A: With my courses, I offer not only the strategies that I use to help and support my mom, but also the ones that other people throughout the country are currently using to support their loved ones with bipolar disorder or to cope with bipolar disorder themselves. Keep in mind that these strategies are based on actual working techniques, not just a bunch of theory. I guarantee that it will help you.

Q: But what if your programs don’t work for me or my loved one?
A: If you aren’t happy with your investment in any of my courses for any reason whatsoever, just return it for a full refund (less Shipping and Handling). No questions asked. It’s that simple. I don’t want you to keep anything that’s not working for you.

Q: Can’t I just learn this stuff on my own?
A: I’m sure you could learn this on your own – I did. But the thing you should remember is that it takes a whole lot of time and money to learn this stuff on your own. I took off work for approximately nine months and researched around the clock to figure it all out. The truth is that there isn’t a lot of practical information out there for how to deal with bipolar disorder, so you really have to hunt for it.
Working day and night over a long period of time, I’m sure that you could learn this all on your own … but you’ll also make mistakes along the way, like I did. I want to help you avoid making the same mistakes that I made, and I show you how in my courses and programs. I want you to be able to learn in a short period of time what took me a long time to figure out.
My programs are the single fastest way that I have ever seen to learn the ins and outs of how to help and support someone with bipolar disorder or how to cope with bipolar disorder in your own life. I want to prove this to you, and that’s why I set up my no-risk offers.

Q: How long will it take for me or my loved one to get better?
A: I would be lying if I said I could give you an answer to this question. Every person is different, and I don’t know your or your loved one’s complete situation. I will tell you this: You will immediately learn what you need to do to help yourself or your loved one, and you will immediately have a road to travel down. And knowing what to do is half the battle.

Q: Are you a doctor, therapist, or licensed professional?
A: No, I am not. I am not a doctor, therapist, lawyer, or any other kind of professional. However, I have proactive experience that many experts simply don’t have because they don’t actively support someone with bipolar disorder. I have also done extensive research and have interviewed many professionals to develop the techniques I present.

Q: What makes your techniques, tips, and strategies so special?
A: In my programs, you’ll learn PROVEN methods for supporting a loved one with bipolar disorder or for coping with it yourself. I say proven because it’s unlike a lot of information out there related to mental health that is old, outdated, or written by people who have never supported or lived with someone with bipolar disorder. Often this information is nothing more than theories about things that should work. When you get my information, however, it contains proven techniques—what’s worked and what’s working both for me and for lots of other people as well. If we ever spoke in person, you could ask me virtually any non-medical or non-legal question that you could come up with, and I would have an answer or solution—because I have lived this. Try that with people who have not lived being a supporter, and you won’t get a straight answer or strategy that makes any kind of sense.

Q: How do I order one of your courses?
A: That’s the easy part. When you find a course or program you’re interested in, simply select the order link, and you’ll be taken to a secure order page to complete and finalize your order.

Q: What if I want to order by phone?
A: You can order by phone by calling my toll-free ordering line at 1-888-205-0713. Please note that this is an ordering line only. You will NOT get me. This person has limited information on my materials as well. It’s just an ordering line I set up with a company because I started getting way too many phone orders for me to handle myself.


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