"Do You Know Everything You Wanted To Know About Sex And Bipolar Disorder?"

Dear Friend,

If you are living with bipolar disorder or have a loved one who is, and you have questions about sex and bipolar disorder, then you must read this letter.

If you're not sure that you know everything there is to know about sex and bipolar disorder, or you were afraid to ask your doctor, psychiatrist, or therapist about it, then I know what you are up against.

Many people with bipolar disorder and their supporters have the same problem. They have questions, but are afraid or embarrassed to talk to someone about them.

The shocking truth about sex and bipolar disorder is that most (if not all) of what you should be told about it, you're not being told!

I have asked Michele Soloway Sexton to write this e-guide for you so that you could get all the information you need to know about sex and bipolar disorder, and to answer all the questions you may have, but haven't been told the answers.

As you know, Michele writes for me, and I told her one day that many people have talked to me or written me that they have questions about sex and bipolar disorder that their doctor never talked to them about.

Michele told me that she had the same experience!

Apparently, when she saw the doctor the first time, he didn't tell her anything. For example, he never even told her that some bipolar medications might have sexual side effects!

He just gave her some brochures about bipolar disorder, and quickly ushered her out of his office.

Being the first time, Michele was intimidated, and afraid to ask questions. She wouldn't have known what questions to ask even if she could!

You may have run across the same thing. Maybe your doctor gave you a brochure or pamphlet on bipolar disorder, but didn't tell you anything about the sexual side effects of bipolar medications, or anything else about sex and bipolar disorder.

There really isn't much a doctor or psychiatrist can do in a short period of time. They may even have been rushed, and didn't think to tell you about the subject - just the basics about bipolar disorder.

In Michele's case, she didn't even know that sex would be an issue with bipolar disorder until later. She didn't know that she should ask the doctor about it, or that he should have told her about it. There were so many things she had to learn the VERY hard way.

One of the Biggest Questions

One of the biggest questions Michele came across was, "Is this problem with sex because of the bipolar disorder, the medications, or is it just me?"

Many people who have bipolar disorder or their supporters just don't know the answer to that question for sure.

Neither do therapists, psychiatrists, doctors, and many other experts.

It's sort of a question of "trial and error," as they will tell you that each person is different.

But first you have to be able to talk about it, and many people who have bipolar disorder or their supporters haven't had doctors, psychiatrists or therapists who have even talked to them about the subject of sex and bipolar disorder!

And that's the truth!

I've talked to or been emailed by MANY people with bipolar disorder or their supporters who told me that very same thing!

Others told me that they either a) didn't even know to ask about sex and bipolar disorder, or b) were afraid to ask about sex and bipolar disorder.

Many just assumed they were already supposed to know about it.

Others were embarrassed to admit that they didn't know about it.

But there are certain things that everyone with bipolar disorder MUST know about sex and bipolar disorder!

You May Have Thought "I Should Already Know"

If you have been around the "bipolar block," so to speak, you may have assumed that everyone who has bipolar disorder already knows about sex and bipolar disorder.

You probably assumed that they at least know more than you do.

You may have thought that their doctors discussed sex and bipolar disorder with them, even though your doctor didn't discuss the subject with you.

You may have thought, "I should already know about sex and bipolar disorder."

Or maybe you were too embarrassed to admit that you don't know everything you wanted to know about the subject.

Maybe you're too afraid to ask the questions you want to know about sex and bipolar disorder.

I have been to many support groups where someone asked the expert or doctor about everything having to do with bipolar disorder EXCEPT sex and bipolar disorder.

It's almost like NO ONE wants to discuss the subject!

Or, even if the doctor or expert were asked, they would probably say something like, "Your doctor should have gone over this information with you."

But what if he didn't?

How can you find out everything you wanted to know about sex and bipolar disorder (but were afraid to ask)?

There are still things you need to know about sex and bipolar disorder and somebody needs to tell you!

How The Answer Came To Me

Actually, coming up with the answer was easier than I thought.

I thought about ALL the people I had talked to or had talked to me or emailed me with questions about sex and bipolar disorder or wanting to know things about it.

Pretty much everyone I talked to told me the same thing - that their doctor never told them the answers, or they didn't know to ask, or were afraid to ask about this topic.

Then, when I talked to Michele about it, I found out she had the same experience - that her doctor never told her about sex and bipolar disorder either, and that she had questions then that she didn't have the answers to and had to find out the hard way.

I told her that my mom was never told either.

Well, I thought everyone should have this important information!

So then I came up with an idea.

I asked Michele to write this report, since she and her husband BOTH have bipolar disorder and she knew the information firsthand.

The good news is that we have put every bit of information in this e-guide that you need to know about sex and bipolar disorder, and more!

You'll Never Find All This Information In One Place Anywhere

The information in Sex and Bipolar Disorder: Everything You Wanted To Know (But Were Afraid To Ask) comes from Michele's real life experience and a great deal of research on her part.

These come from a real person and her husband, both on the front line of the battle against bipolar disorder.

You might have been able to find out a little of this information on sex and bipolar disorder. You may have experienced some of it yourself.

But you will never find this much information about sex and bipolar disorder all in one place.

You're going to be amazed at how much information is in this easy-to-read guide. Not in the "doctor-speak" your doctor may have used if you did talk to him about sex and bipolar disorder, but in the simple language we can all understand.

In this guide, you'll learn the answer to one of the most difficult aspects of living with bipolar disorder: What do I need to know about sex and bipolar disorder (but have been afraid to ask)?

You see, you may have many questions about sex and bipolar disorder that have gone unanswered. And they don't write about this information in pamphlets or in books.

You and/or your loved one may have problems in the area of sex, and have no one to talk to about it. You may be too afraid to ask about it. You may be too embarrassed to talk about it. But you still need this information!

You probably have so many questions!

But the worst question might be, "Is this my fault?" And no one should have to live with that question on their minds.

To find out how to deal with this question, as well as all the others, Michele put all the information you need to know about sex and bipolar disorder in one place, and answered all your questions, as well as the questions you wish you had asked your doctor.

She has used her own experiences, as well as those from other people, so you could benefit from their experiences as well.

Some of the things you'll learn in this guide are:

  • How many people with bipolar disorder and their supporters are struggling in the area of sex

  • Is it the bipolar disorder, the medications, or you?

  • What sex is (and what it is NOT)

  • What baseball has to do with sex

  • Whether sex is "right" or "wrong"

  • The definition of sex and sexual intercourse (do you know the difference between them?)

  • The difference between animals and people when it comes to sex

  • 14 ways our sex is different from just "procreation"

  • How "sex is more than just sex"

  • Can sex be FUN? (or is that "wrong?")

  • Does sex have to be just in the bedroom?

  • What does "Beauty is only skin deep" have to do with sex?

  • How sex is a way of communicating

  • Is sex a selfless or selfish act?

  • What daytime affection has to do with evening sex

  • What glue has to do with communication

  • How important communication is to a good sexual relationship

  • Sexual communication is more than just sex (and what that means)

  • How to talk about sexual problems in a relationship

  • 3 things that can cause sexual problems

  • What to do about sexual problems in the relationship

  • What if you're not "in the mood" and your loved one is?

  • Is it OK to not be in the mood? (or should you have sex anyway?)

  • Can there be a physical reason why you don't want to have sex?

  • What to do if you think there is a physical reason why you don't want to (or can't) have sex

  • How jumping to conclusions about your bipolar disorder can affect your sex life

  • How dangerous fighting can be for you, your sex life, and your relationship

  • How distractions (like racing thoughts) can affect your concentration during sex

  • The worst thing you can do if you're not in the mood

  • 9 common reactions from your loved one if you do this

  • The most common mistake you can make with sex (and how to avoid making it)

  • How mood swings can affect your sexual relationship

  • How frustration can actually be good for sex

  • What is "make-up sex," and is it good?

  • Can emotions be changed? (and what does that have to do with sex?)

  • Are sex and making love the same thing? (If not, what's the difference?)

  • What about the people who were raised to believe that sex is "dirty?"

  • How to deal with sex if you've been sexually abused

  • How having a positive attitude can lead to a positive sexual experience

  • "In good times and bad" - and what that has to do with sex

  • Using sex as a form of punishment, and why this is wrong

  • Excuses for not having sex

  • The one thing that should be honored in a committed relationship

  • What could cost you your relationship (hint: DON'T do this!)

  • What is intimacy, and how is it different than sex?

  • 13 acts of intimacy that are not sexual acts

  • Webster's dictionary definition of "intimate"

  • Bipolar medications and sex (and how they can interfere)

  • Bipolar medication sexual side effects

  • How women can have sexual side effects too

  • Bipolar episodes and sex

  • Wanting sex vs. not wanting sex

  • John's case of risky sexual behavior

  • What to do if your loved one has had an affair

  • …and more!

You'll find so much information that you just won't believe that nobody has ever told it to you before!

FREE Bonus Report: "Bipolar Disorder And Intimacy "

Part of a healthy sexual relationship is understanding what intimacy really means.
Sex involves more than the act itself - it involves intimacy. In fact, you can have intimacy without having sex. Have you ever looked at it that way?

I asked Michele Soloway Sexton to write this report because she and her husband both have bipolar disorder, and truly have an understanding of what intimacy really is.

I wanted her to share her thoughts and insights on this topic, as well as her personal experiences with you so that you could get a better understanding as well.

Not only does she use her own experience, but also the experiences of others, and practical advice that you can use in your own relationship.

In this guide, Michele talks about 13 ways that you can be intimate without sex. She also offers 14 suggestions of things you can do to be more intimate with your loved one (all without sex!), and much more!

You really need to read this guide, because everyone who has bipolar disorder and their supporter should have a close relationship, and intimacy is part of that relationship.

Who Is This For?

This is for both the person with bipolar disorder AND their supporter. Both groups of people need this information.

If you are a supporter of a loved one with the disorder, you may think, "This is for my loved one -- I don't need to know this information." That's so far from the truth. Sex and bipolar disorder also affects you personally.

Now, if you have bipolar disorder, you might think, "I know everything I need to know about sex and bipolar disorder already." I guarantee you don't. I haven't met one person who has bipolar disorder that knows all that is in this guide and can't learn something really critical.

Ok, Dave, So What Is This All Going To Cost Me?

First of all, I want you to change your mind about the word "cost," and think instead of "investment."

It's an investment that is going to SAVE you money. How much is your bipolar disorder costing you being unstable and not well? I know it's a TON. How do I know? I have a mother with the disorder.

Is your bipolar disorder affecting you in an adverse way? Is your medication working for you? Or have you had to change medications several times, each time costing you more money? Is your medication affecting your relationship, yet when you want to talk to your doctor about it, has he/she been available to you, or has it cost you too much money to see him/her? Are you able to work, or are you too distracted by problems in your relationship? Or has your bipolar disorder already cost you your job? Are you paying your bills? All these things cost you something.

This report will be invaluable to you so that you can learn everything you need to know about sex and bipolar disorder (but were afraid to ask), including the bipolar medication side effects that may be affecting your sexual relations, and what to do about it.

How much is that worth to you?All I ask is you invest $39.95 for it. This allows me to continue marketing this website so I connect with and hopefully help others who are in need of this vital knowledge and information. I want to save lives.

AND… I will include the bonus report for FREE!

If you decide to keep the guide, take the next 90 days to go through every bit of information I've included in Sex and Bipolar Disorder: Everything You Wanted To Know (But Were Afraid To Ask). Take notes, and practice some of the practical suggestions offered in the guide to get closer to your loved one through intimacy.

If you don't agree that Sex and Bipolar Disorder: Everything You Wanted To Know (But Were Afraid To Ask) gives you all the information you need to know about sex and bipolar disorder and answers all your questions (even the ones your doctor didn't answer or you forgot to ask him/her), I demand that you ask for your money back.

100% NO Questions Asked 90-Day Money Back Guarantee

I know that if you are trying to deal with your thoughts and/or questions about sex and bipolar disorder all by yourself, you may think, "I have been through everything, Dave's materials probably won't tell me anything I don't already know."

Don't worry, because I know how you feel. This is why I am offering you a 100% NO questions asked 90-day IRON Clad money back guarantee.

If you do ask for a refund, I'll issue one promptly and courteously with NO questions asked.

Better Than Risk FREE Guarantee

Even if you do ask for a refund, you'll be able to keep and have the FREE Bonus Gift that you received. That will be my way of saying "thank you" for giving my material a try. So there is no way that you can come out losing on this. You have nothing to lose and a whole lot to gain.

Why am I doing this? Well I want to help people who are dealing with bipolar disorder. I really feel that "the system" has worked against them for so many years and I want to do something about it.

So far people love my materials. I am really excited about it and feel I am making a big impact.

Don't Decide Now

Don't decide now if this guide has all the information that you need to know about sex and bipolar disorder. Simply get the guide.

Review it. Look it over. Look at the information and the practical suggestions. Then put them into action. Then make your decision. Again there is absolutely no risk on your part. You are fully protected.

Go ahead and place your order right away while the idea is fresh in your mind. Do it now before your thoughts keep nagging in the back of your mind, and more of your questions remain unanswered.

No matter what anyone else has told you… no matter how hard the answers to your questions have been to get … I'm telling you that you CAN find out everything there is to know about sex and bipolar disorder (but were afraid to ask).

Please click here right now to get this one-of-a-kind guide.

Your Friend,

David Oliver

David Oliver


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