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“Here’s How You Can Get A Devotional Specifically for Those with Bipolar Disorder”

Dear Friend,

Have you ever asked yourself…

  • If I’m a Christian, why do I have bipolar disorder?
  • Is it because I don’t have enough faith?
  • Is it because God doesn’t love me?
  • Why hasn’t God healed me?
  • Is it because I’m not a good enough Christian?
  • Is it because there is sin in my life?
  • Is it because of something I did in my past?
  • Is it because of something I’m doing (or not doing)?
  • What am I doing wrong?
  • Why aren’t my prayers being answered?
  • Is God even listening?

I Get These Questions A Lot, But I Didn’t Have Answers

I found myself getting the same types of emails and not really having answers to them. At first I tried to skip over or ignore the emails and focus on what I knew and knew well.

But then I found, like I did with alternative treatment and bipolar disorder, that you can’t avoid issues that people want to talk about. I had to address this topic.

Shocking Fact about Spirituality, Christianity and Bipolar Disorder

What I discovered is that NO book on bipolar disorder has ever dared to tackle these most difficult questions…until now. Many Christians have struggled with their faith and their bipolar disorder together. You are not the only one.

But until now, no one has talked about it in the way that The Bipolar Spiritual Journey, Volume I does—freely and openly addressing issues of God, faith, and bipolar disorder. The easy-to-read daily entries in The Bipolar Spiritual Journey, Volume I will help you find the answer to these questions for yourself, as you go through your own journey.

I also discovered that there had never been a daily devotional written just for people with bipolar disorder until now, either. Never! You will be the first to have one, written by someone who has bipolar disorder herself!

The author, Michele Soloway Sexton, has bipolar disorder herself, and she is a strong Christian, believing that her Christian walk plays a crucial role in helping her to manage her bipolar disorder. She herself struggled with the very same questions asked above, and she has written this 30-day devotional to take you on a spiritual journey, tackling those questions in the process.

Michele has been there, and she has emerged with her faith even stronger for the journey. Now she wants to take you on the same journey, so that your faith, too, can be made even stronger.

A Book Like None Other

Many people read devotional books first thing in the morning or last thing at night as part of their spiritual programs. Yet NONE has been written specifically for Christians who also have bipolar disorder. Now we have one, written for you, by someone like you, with the same struggles you have.

What also makes this devotional different from any other is that it includes a journal right inside the book! This way, with each day’s reading, you can record your thoughts and feelings right alongside the reading itself, and you don’t have to go searching for your journal. It’s like having two books in one!

Join Michele in her journey as she covers such topics as:

  • deliverance from addiction
  • learning how to be humble
  • how faith and bipolar disorder go together
  • why God has not healed your bipolar disorder
  • taming your tongue
  • giving your heart to God
  • letting go and letting God
  • the fact that God is with you in your struggles
  • how God loves you just the way you are
  • growing in your faith

…and other topics that cover both spirituality and bipolar disorder.

Want to See a Sample?

If you want to see an excerpt from this devotional, please click here.

So What’s the Cost of This Devotional?

That’s a great question. I want you to think about the value of this book in both time and money.

Now, if you were to spend time searching your Bible for just the right verses to cover the topic for the day, as Michele did, think about all the time it would take you—possibly one to two hours a day or more. That’s a lot of time just searching for the right Scriptures—time you could be spending digesting and applying those Scriptures to your life instead.

Now think about the monetary investment. Without Michele’s book, you would have to buy at least several books to get the same valuable information that she has packed into one volume.

First, you’d need a devotional, which could cost you up to $19.99. Then, since that devotional wouldn’t talk about bipolar disorder at all (since no devotional until this one has!), you’d need a book specifically on bipolar disorder, which could cost you another $19.99. And then, of course, you’d have to buy a journal in which to record your thoughts and feelings, which could run you $14.99.

But with The Bipolar Spiritual Journey, Volume I, you get all that valuable information packed into one book—and for just the one price. What a value!

But all cost aside, it is your spiritual growth that is most important. And the spiritual growth you will receive as you complete your journey, well…that is priceless.

Here’s A Recap

Description Value
Devotional book $19.99
Book on bipolar disorder $19.99
Journal $14.99
Your Price $29.95

That’s a value of $54.97, but you can get this devotional for only $29.95, plus shipping and handling.

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90-Day Money-Back Guarantee

If, after you review this guide, you are unhappy with the information in it, simply return it back to me and I will give you a prompt and courteous refund (less S/H).

I know that you are going to love this material, but I want you to know that you are totally 100% protected when you decide to invest in it.

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Your Friend,

David Oliver

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