"Here's How You Can Get Michele Soloway Sexton's Next Volumes Of The Bipolar Spiritual Journey"


This is David Oliver, and I am so excited to bring you some GREAT NEWS!

Because we had such a great response to The Bipolar Spiritual Journey, Volume Iā€¦

I wanted to let you know that Michele Soloway Sexton has just finished writing TWO NEW spiritual guides, and I can't wait for you to read them!

The Bipolar Spiritual Journey, Volume II

In The Bipolar Spiritual Journey, Volume II, we continue our journey.

Wouldn't you like to know about::

  • What's good about bipolar disorder?

  • How you can have joy in spite of having bipolar disorder

  • God's plan for your life

  • How God can" renew" your mind

  • Looking at God as your Heavenly Father

  • Why God hasn't healed your bipolar disorder

  • How faith can help you cope with your bipolar disorder

  • How you can be a Christian and still have bipolar disorder

  • How to be content in spite of having bipolar disorder

  • God answers ALL our prayers ā€“ just sometimes the answer is not what we expect

  • Learning about the Fear of the Lord

  • How God is with you right in the midst of your problems

In The Bipolar Spiritual Journey, Volume III, we continue our journey even further.

The Bipolar Spiritual Journey, Volume III

Wouldn't you like to know about:

  • God is a personal God

  • Arguing with God

  • How her sister's suicide almost killed her

  • Letting go and letting God

  • Is anything too hard for God?

  • Getting your every desire

  • How much God loves you in spite of your bipolar disorder

  • Learning to "wait on the Lord"

  • How valuable you are to God God listens to your every prayer

  • How to rid yourself of anxiety and fear

  • How God's testing only makes you stronger

Here's The Special Bonus For You:

When you invest in all these guides together , you're going to get TWO really great things.

BONUS #1: You will get an IMMEDIATE big discount!

BONUS #1: You'll get to talk to her LIVE about the devotional and/or bipolar disorder!

Isn't it exciting?

Not only will you get a big discount, but you'll also get to talk to Michele personally, the actual author of the devotionals.

You'll be given a special teleseminar number to dial in and be able to speak with her and others about the guides.

Here are some of the topics that can be covered:

  • Why did she write the devotionals

  • How/why did she pick the Scriptures I picked

  • How did she come up with the topics

  • Why did she share so many personal things about herself

  • Did her bipolar disorder affect the writing of the devotionals

You can even talk about bipolar disorder-related topics as well. Here's just a sample of the things you can cover:

  • How long has she had bipolar disorder

  • How did her sister's suicide affect her

  • How does she stay stable with her bipolar disorder now

  • How does she advise other people to manage their bipolar disorder

  • Does she think medication is important for stability with bipolar disorder

  • Has her Christianity affected her bipolar disorder

Since I and The Leverage Team are the publishers of Michele's spiritual guides, she asked me to give you the very best deal for getting all three guides together. The thing is, when people get the first devotional, they always want to continue the journey. I know you will, too. In the beginning, there was only one devotional. Today, there are THREE!

Here's what I am able to do.

When you get both guides, your investment is only $59.90. That's a savings of

Item Value
Bipolar Spiritual Journey, Volume II $29.95
Bipolar Spiritual Journey, Volume III $29.95
Shipping cost for both guides $19.90
Bonus Conference Call with Michele Soloway Sexton $50.00
Total Value $129.80
Your Investment $59.90 + S/H
Your Savings $69.90

100% NO Questions Asked 120 Money Back Guarantee

Michele asked me if I could offer a money back guarantee on everything, even though with 99% of devotionals, you can't really get your money back if you are unhappy for any reason.

Here's what I said:

"Michele, if anyone gets your devotionals, either package, either one or all of them, I will extend to them a 100% NO questions asked money back guarantee for 120 days. This way they are totally protected to get and look at your devotionals for a long time before they have to really make a decision."

Get All Three Devotionals Today And Get A Great Deal

Click here to get ALL THREE DEVOTIONALS, if you don't already have Bipolar Spiritual Journey, Volume I

Click here to get Volumes II and III, if you already have Bipolar Spiritual Journey, Volume I


David Oliver

David Oliver

P.S. Have Questions? Read below for my answers to questions I thought you may have.

Q. Why should I get three devotionals instead of one?

A. Because these are 30-day devotionals, specifically written for Christian people with bipolar disorder. There are NO devotionals out there for you, for one thing. For another thing, most people, once they are done with one 30-day devotional, are ready to go right into the next 30-day devotional without a day's break. This way you have 90 day's worth right at hand!

Q. Should I get the first devotional to see how I like it and then get the second, then the third?

A. You could do this, but it will cost more. The vast majority of people want to continue the journey. Also, as I said before, by having all 3 at hand, you won't have a break in your journey!

Q. How is Michele's devotional different from any other journal I could pick up at the store?

A. This is the only devotional in the world written specifically for people with bipolar disorder.

Q. Aren't you charging quite a bit of money for this?

A. Actually, if you consider the deal you're getting for the 3 devotionals, you are saving quite a bit of money! Not just on the special I'm offering, but just think of the devotional itself ā€“ if you were to buy the devotional separately, then buy a journal to go with it so you could record your thoughts and feelings (which most people do anyway), you are already spending more than I'm charging you!

Q. The topics covered, aren't they a bit "outside the box"?

A. Many people ask if Michele if she is "religious," or if she goes to church, etc. She answers that she is a strong Christian, very spiritual, but is non-denominational, and so are her devotionals, so that anyone can read them. They are spiritual, but not "religious." The topics that she covers are topics that people have asked about in emails and phone calls.


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