"Who Else Wants To Learn From The Ultimate Bipolar Success Story?"

Dear Friend,

If you or your loved one has bipolar disorder, I have some great news. I am about to reveal The Ultimate Bipolar Success Story.

There are success stories out there – people who are coping with their bipolar disorder. I know, because I've talked to many of them.

But it's hard to find ULTIMATE success.

I wanted to find an ultimate success story where the person had EVERYTHING going against them and yet they still overcame ALL the odds to become stable and successful. I also wanted to find someone where both survivors and supporters could learn from them.

I interviewed a LOT of people. And, yes, these people were successful. They overcame odds and they were stable. But some of them hadn't been stable for very long. Some of them could only speak to supporters. Some could only speak to survivors. And some of them couldn't answer all my questions.

The BEST people to learn from are those who are living with bipolar disorder and can handle someone grilling them and asking the REALLY hard questions.

After interviewing hundreds of people, I finally found such a person. A person named Michele, who had everything going against her, and not only overcame all the odds to become stable and successful, but has done it for a long period of time. AND…

She was able to answer even the hardest questions I threw at her. Every question I thought YOU would want to know the answer to.

What Is The Ultimate Bipolar Success Story?

It's about a woman that had everything going against her and still became stable and successful. Her story will both stun you and inspire you.

Take a look:



Married 5 times

Happily married for several years

Bankruptcy and financial ruin

Financially solvent

5 Suicide attempts

No thoughts of suicide

Multiple self mutilations

No more self-mutilation

No real friends

Satisfying social life

5 institutionalizations

No more institutionalizations

Irrational, angry outburst and fights

Anger under control

Lack of self-image, poor self-esteem

Knows and likes who she is

Horrible relationship with family

Family relationships restored


Lives in beautiful home

Unstable and unsuccessful

Stable and successful

Can you imagine everything this woman went through? FIVE suicide attempts? And all those times she didn't try to actually kill herself, but harmed herself enough to be institutionalized FIVE times! And here she has lived to tell you her story.

When I read about all those things I listed above, I had to hear all of her story. ALL of it. Because it sounded too incredible! NO ONE, I thought, could go through all that and survive. Not only survive, but go on to become stable and successful with bipolar disorder.

I got Michele on the phone, and I spoke to her for a long time. I mean, I didn't just speak to her. I GRILLED her! I asked her the hardest questions I could think of, and she answered every one of them, openly and honestly.

In This Incredible Interview You'll Discover:

In this digital interview you'll find out:

  • How alcohol and drugs played a part in her bipolar disorder

  • What happened when she was 19 years old

  • About her 5 suicide attempts

  • Why she was married 5 times

  • How it took an institutionalization to finally be diagnosed with bipolar disorder

  • What it's like to be married to someone else with bipolar disorder

  • How her sister's suicide was the turning point for her

  • How many years it took for her to become stable

  • How drinking too much water sent her into a bipolar episode and into the hospital

  • Why positive thinking is so important to staying stable

  • What a "bad bipolar day" is and what to do about it

  • How important it is to have a good psychiatrist and therapist

  • What a Post-Episode Analysis is and why it is so crucial to stability

  • What triggers are and how they can lead to bipolar episodes (and how to avoid them)

  • And more!

Who Is This Interview Good For?

This interview is good for both bipolar supporters AND bipolar survivors. Not only is this woman a person with bipolar disorder herself, but she is a supporter of a husband with bipolar disorder. She understands both sides of the disorder.

Both people with bipolar disorder and their supporters can learn from the information in this amazing interview!

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  • How you MUST be consistent…OR ELSE

  • Ways to reduce and cope with your stress

  • Taking charge of your disorder instead of IT taking charge of YOU

  • What happens if you FAIL

  • The amazing equation you can learn to maintain stability

  • The greatest mistake you could ever make with bipolar disorder

  • What happens when you assume you will never have another episode

  • How your thoughts affect your attitude

  • How being negative can keep you SICK

  • What is the absolutely, MOST DEADLY thing you could do

  • And more!

Arm Yourself With Priceless Information and Learn How One Person Became the Ultimate Bipolar Success Story

The information in The Ultimate Bipolar Success Story is worth a fortune. It contains more information than you'd find in any book, because it is told by the person herself, through her own experience. If you are supporting a loved one with bipolar disorder, it is worth what you value their recovery from with the disorder. If you have bipolar disorder, it's worth what you value your own recovery from the disorder.

I say it is worth an infinite price. Because there is no value on true experience.

But, this interview was NOT created to make me a fortune—it was created to make a difference in the lives of millions of families who have bipolar disorder or have a loved one suffering from the disorder.

Act now, and it's yours for just $59.95.

All I ask is that you invest $59.95 for it. This allows me to continue marketing this website so I can connect with and hopefully help others who are in need of this vital knowledge and information. I want to help others learn that they, too, can become stable and successful with bipolar disorder.

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"Yes, this absolutely has been extremely helpful. My ex-roommate is bipolar and my sister is bipolar and reading your information has helped to me to understand these people…"

--Mariane, MI

I am a supporter of several important people in my life with Bipolar and this information has helped me because I am more informed and more sympathetic… This material has provided me with information that I can specifically relate to and that I have not found anywhere else."

--Pat K., CA

Thanks for your help... yes you have HELPED a lot... now I know I am not responsible for the mood swings that has been happening in our house... like you said, there is a pattern... and I thought I was imagining it... Your material has helped me understand that patience is the key and that it does help to know that other people have gone throught the same experience that i have..."

--Ana, Philippines

“I have friends, in laws and relatives of friends with the disorder and reading your material has helped me understand what they are going through and what to do when they are going through an episode. Just so they know they are not alone.”

--Deborah H., CA

"It's given me reassurance that I can live a quality life in the midst of my illness…   David's information is complete, thorough and inspirational."

--Brian J., OH

"Nothing is better than to get information from someone who has been through it themselves and has a hearts desire and passion to ease the path of those who must follow through it as well, I am grateful that someone has the desire to take their time and passion to put together information on this disorder that is otherwise such a major task to do on your own, thank you David, your time and effort are appreciated."

--Donna, Australia

Don't Wait, Take Action Today!

The right information and knowledge, along with medication and the right therapy remain the most powerful weapons against the symptoms and destruction caused by bipolar disorder. And to make sure that you have the latest, best, and most complete information and knowledge about bipolar disorder, I am giving you a special bonus when you order today:

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So I don’t want your money if you are not 100% satisfied with the knowledge and information found in The Ultimate Bipolar Success Story.

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To the Health and Wellness of You and Your Family,

David Oliver

David Oliver

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